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Re: Why I think psychopaths are evil...

Pick on Whitewolf.
You two can pick on and argue with eachother...
It woild be interesting to see where it would go...

Nowhere, honestly. It would be an edless game of taunts, feints, outright flaming and veiled insults that don't mean anything to anyone.

Re: Why I think psychopaths are evil...

That's just about what I would've expected....

It would've been interesting to see what you would argue about, you don't really have opposing views... Besides the fact Whitewolf believes in God and you don't..

Re: Why I think psychopaths are evil...

i'm not a psycho/socio but i just want to say you put your view across in a rather unimaginative and ignorant way. good luck with that. go read some books, live life, really live life and gain some deeper insight.