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What are tansforms?

What are they? and what is a preydakings? and a skylinks? thanks

Re: What are tansforms?

It's 'Predakingz' and 'SkyLynx' they're Transformers not Transforms!

Instead of googling or searching for Transformers on the internet, you decided to ask it on the forum of a psychotherapist? Good move, really.

They're toys centered around two warring factions of alien robots. You've never heard of the film Transformers? Or seen the advert for Citroen cars?

Watch it, it's the kind of advert we have to put up with in Britain. :D

It's a great way of advertising cars, suddenly make them burst into dance!

The crap we put up with....

Re: What are tansforms?

Toby you are liquid awesomeness, you too Whitewolf! :P

Re: What are tansforms?

Ummmm..... Thanks?

Re: What are tansforms?