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Psychological effects of winning the lottery...?

What are the psychological effects of winning the lottery? Or similar large-jackpit style games?

Re: Psychological effects of winning the lottery...?

Coke is better.

The psychological effects?
All you ever here on the news in Britian are stories of lottery winnerss from poor back grounds winning the lottery and commiting suicide.

"There can be some problems associated with winning a lottery jackpot. Those of a poor socioeconomic background may not have proper money management skills. In addition, there are security and safety risks associated with publicly announcing the lottery winners such as holding family members for ransom. Winners some times feel anomie from the dramatic change of life styles."

So people from poor backgrounds with poor money managements skills tend to not be able to handle a sudden vast ammounts of money. You're from GB, I don't know if you heard, there was a 16 year old who won the lottery and declared it publicly, he had people camping in the front garden of his huge house and they set up a type of shanty town. LOL
He hanged himself after a few months. It's a shame really. I wouldn't know what to do with, say £6,000,000. I would keep £1,000,000 and make sure my family and friends were all set and donate the rest to a charity of my choice.

I'm lying, I'd spend it on beer. :D
And get two women in beer costumes to rub against eachother per Whitewolf's suggestion. LOL

Re: Psychological effects of winning the lottery...?

Kind of a silly question, as it varies from one person to another, don't you think?

Re: Psychological effects of winning the lottery...?

You're back.
To be on here the same time as Whitewolf I have to be on a 3 in the morning. LOL

Yes, it generally depeneds on how much experience with money you had as a child, how good your money management skills are, etc.