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Re: Half dead

So they find this blue baby and fly me to the hospital


Ever slept like the dead? Ever been in an acoma?

A diabetic coma, yes. But I wasn't close to death.

But to me I live life in every moment. I know to well that death is ever present. So in near death I became stronger?

Don't fear death, just welcome it as another of life's experiences. The only thing you should fear is fear itself.

So you'd just see me as human like eachother.

:-) You can't help the way you were born, yet somehow you are still morally blameworthy for something that you have no control over, and couldn't change if you wanted to. I'm willing to bet most people reading this see you as a human, as an equal.
So, you don't feel remorse exactly, but do you ever look back on a situation and say 'I wish I hadn't hurt that person' or anything along those lines...?

On another note, you know you say you don't like Robert Hare? I bought an e-book by him...

"Like anyone else, psychopaths have a deep wish to be loved and cared for."

Then two chapters on....

"Psychopaths have no desire to be loved, but often create and exploit the bond of love in order to get another person to care for them"

I want my $4 back.

Re: Half dead

I would treat you as I would a fellow human, with the utmost respect. In my mind your psychopathy doesnt define you... you do.

Re: Half dead

I would treat you as I would a fellow human, with the utmost respect. In my mind your psychopathy doesnt define you... you do.

Thank you. :-)

I don't mistreat people IRL. I see you all as the fragile creatures you are. I know that I can get twice as far with kindness. So why be cruel?

The iron ore thinks it is tortured by the heat but the sword knows better.

I'm the Bill Clinton of negotiation. I don't have to hurt anyone to get my way. And as I see life as a game... I would be upset if I had to resort to violence to win. Like your ex wife that sucked you dry... I'm in it for the long run. LOL

Re: Half dead

You're welcome. :)

Like your ex wife that sucked you dry... I'm in it for the long run.

Lol! So true... :)

Toby, it's your birthday? Why are you on your own on your 31 birthday?
Happy Birthday!

Re: Half dead

Yep, It's my birthday.
I am on my own cause my wife and kids traveled cross country to see relatives that had come from australia to see them.
I think they knew it was my birthday and decided to come over to **** me off. Lol

Thanks for adding the colours, they're real pretty.

Re: Half dead


Initiating ramble.

I'm not old. I just know a lot because I've had a lot of exposer.

Did you know the world cup is in South Africa? I didn't even know there was a world cup but why on earth would you put it in south Africa?! Oh well.

In the US we don't really consider soccer a sport. Thats why we have the NFL. Who's net value is far greater than all yours. Oh look a bunch of queens chasing a ball and none of them are smashing any of the others. How boring.

Cricket sucks too. All you have is soccer and 17.5% tax!! A $1 double cheeseburger would be $1.18 each!! Thats why they have saletsx included because if they threw it in your face at the cash register you'd be ******* Tax Slave.

Oh and it's a cheeseburger because it has cheese on it. I know you invented the language but you screwed that up too. So we had to take it over.

Sometimes I think the US should just absorb Canada and the UK. We have free healthcare too. It's only for poor people though.

Re: Half dead

I enjoy your rambles. :)

Your not old? I take it that means your older than my 31. :D

You've never heard of the World Cup?

I don't like cricket; it's boring.
I don't like Football (soccer) unless it's England playing. And I don't like Rugby (football) at all, especially if England is playing.

Wrong. "Cheese Burgers" are 75¢ over here.

You don't name a food after one of it's ingredients, besides Coca-Cola.

We invented the language, so it doesn't matter how we pronounce certain words or how we use it, it's ours. Get your own. Lurkers.

You have free clinics, and they're nowhere as good as the healthcare you pay for, our NHS is recognised as one of the best healthcare establishments in the world. Britain is a great place if you need healthcare.

You can't absorb us, we won't let that happen. We'll out run you. LOL

All we have is Tax? I would rather have 100% tax than the country with the most AIDS. :D

Re: Half dead

Happy Birthday Toby.

Re: Half dead

Thank you! :)

Re: Half dead

I look at you no differently than I do anyone else. In fact I admire you sense of humor, intelligence, an non emotional view of the world.

If I knew you in real life I would invite you for steaks on the grill and corona's.