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Re: Why do people believe in a God?

Christian views aside, we are all supposed to of started out in Africa as one race, and then spread to the corners of the Earth, so yes we are one big family. We're all incestuous. :D

Thanks, most people upon hearing I'm from Britain, usually go on about how British accents sound and how **** my country is. It's one of the only things I let get to me too much.

Re: Why do people believe in a God?

Why do people believe in God? Christian and un-Christian views appreciated... Thanks.

First, let's define God as the thing which represents the divine to us mere mortals - in Platonic terms the ideal form of a human.

Next, let's consider that the appeal to a higher authority is one of humankind's strongest, albeit logically flawed, arguments. The concept of God is a very useful thing in a parent's or governmental type ruler's arsenal.

Finally, realize that the world is positively crawling with people and we've GOT to get along to have any kind of peaceful existence.

So, God is very real.

He is the concept of something better than myself to which I aspire to become like, knowing that I will fail but recognizing that the closer I get to this ideal, the better a human I will be.

He is the measure by which you reflect upon your life on your deathbed so that you can die peacefully, knowing you have led a "good" life.

He is the example by which you pattern your behaviour governing interaction with other humans.

He is present in every culture and every civilization since time began. He is at once a creation of our own invention and more than any of us could ever be.

Ecce Homo
I was once a seeker. I sought the truth thru all sorts of isms and ologies, including atheistic materialism and had all kinds of experiences. As far as my stance in the world, belief systems aside, what I am left with is the wisdom of love and compassion for all. I know. It’s crazy to some and heretical to others. But oddly enough, I’m ok with that. I stopped needing other people’s respect ages ago.

No. I don’t believe in God, as in I don’t have faith that there is a supreme being out there who has written a holy scripture and has sent his son to die on a cross or has spoken specifically to certain men throughout history like Mohammed, etc. I used to, but I don’t anymore. I have come to see however that there is an infinite intelligence that appears as everything within itself.

I could have written just that, verbatim.