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Projecting paranoid feelings

I've noticed time and time again that fear can be spread through people like wild fire. People feed off eachothers emotions. By doing this they alter their enviornments harmony.

But fear doesn't seem to go away. It stays around and I swear some people just seem prone to feed it. Almost as if they want to be afraid?

So then fear evolves into a paranoid dilusion? People become focused on that dilusion. It disrupts their lifestyle.

But all the time... there is nothing to be worried about. All this madness just lives in that persons head till they try to push it on others.

I've watched some fool waste his life trying to probe mine. He's an example of a fool consumed by his own emotions. His actions are distructive to himself. But by no means do I stop him.

It's people like him that make me famous.

Re: Projecting paranoid feelings

If you don't make it your business to overcome fear, you better believe it'll try to overcome you.

I've watched some fool waste his life trying to probe mine.

And, Who might that be?

You are somewhat famous on here LOL. It's like people try too hard to understand you, can't, then become obsessed.

Re: Projecting paranoid feelings

God help you if you are talking about me Whitewolf

Re: Projecting paranoid feelings

Whitewolf who are you talking about? A friend? Dragonwarrior --- Why do you thinj that whitewolf is evil? You give our great country Britain a bad name.

Re: Projecting paranoid feelings

Psycho1 - Don't let yourself be taken in by a idiots mind games. Like the bible says, be nice to him and watch how it demoralizes him, and makes him feel empathetic towards you. He-He.

Re: Projecting paranoid feelings

Lol Toby :D