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Re: Why do people believe in a God?

But back to normal speak... back into abnormal speak.....

LOL! Right? I realized, as my previous comment to Whitewolf indicated also, that I am speaking about things that frankly most people haven’t even begun to consider. What is obvious to me, after years of searching for something bedrock within religion and spirituality, is the exact opposite of obvious to most others. Hence the riddle-like speech. I apologize for that. I don’t speak of what I have seen much in my offline life for precisely this reason. I may be winding my commenting down on this forum because of this. I need to focus on embodying the peace and love I talk about here.

Re: Why do people believe in a God?

I apologize for that

Don't apologize, I understand you! :D

I understand what you mean, while understanding what Whitewolf does...
I see why Whitewolf says that you speak in "riddle like speech", but also I know that although it sounds like riddles it is infact the literal truth as you see it.

I may be winding my commenting down on this forum because of this...

:( I will miss your posts here if you leave, you're one of the good'uns. :D

Re: Why do people believe in a God?

I understand you! :D

Ah good. There isn’t any point in using guru-speak if no one understands, is there? There isn’t any ultimate point to using it at all, but again, that’s another story…

So you asked me why I go to church. Do you? Go to church I mean? I wonder how many Christians are out there who are like you. And by that I mean, per your own words, you group yourself in with the Protestants but you also know they don’t quite reflect everything you believe in. I say that because in one of your previous comments you say you don’t “specifically fit in with any religious group”. I told you why I don’t. Why don’t you?

Re: Why do people believe in a God?

Yes, I do attend a church, every sunday without fail.

Why don't I fit in with any religious group, do you mean?
I feel that a person should make their own informed decision and personal interpretation of Bible. Protestantism isn't for me, and I don't feel any specific religious group is. They all have at least one specific view on a subject that I disagree with. For example, I fell out with the preist over my opinion on abortion, I am pro-choice and he, was not.
Needless to say, I didn't feel welcome there anymore. :( LOL

Ecce, are you in Britain at the moment? Just curious, feel free to withhold it if you wish. :D

Re: Why do people believe in a God?

Protestantism isn't for me, and I don't feel any specific religious group is.

Yet you go to church faithfully. Interesting. Do you feel alienated at all when you go, or do you just enjoy what you are experiencing while you are there?

Nope, I’m not in Britain. I’m in America, land of the free, home of the brave.

Re: Why do people believe in a God?

I attend a protestant church because I feel protestantism is where I best fit in. Church allows me to feel I am closer to God, and participate in group prayer. Although I don't always feel completely comofortable, It's where I think I best fit in.

Nope, I’m not in Britain. I’m in America, land of the free, home of the brave.

Great! And you didn't throw an insult at Britain?! Yay. :D

Re: Why do people believe in a God?

See, why would I throw stones at the UK? In fact, it's one of the countries I'd love to visit before my time on Earth is up. It's on my Bucket List.

The world is one great big ole family as far as I'm concerned!

Re: Why do people believe in a God?

Christian views aside, we are all supposed to of started out in Africa as one race, and then spread to the corners of the Earth, so yes we are one big family. We're all incestuous. :D

Thanks, most people upon hearing I'm from Britain, usually go on about how British accents sound and how **** my country is. It's one of the only things I let get to me too much.

Re: Why do people believe in a God?

Why do people believe in God? Christian and un-Christian views appreciated... Thanks.

First, let's define God as the thing which represents the divine to us mere mortals - in Platonic terms the ideal form of a human.

Next, let's consider that the appeal to a higher authority is one of humankind's strongest, albeit logically flawed, arguments. The concept of God is a very useful thing in a parent's or governmental type ruler's arsenal.

Finally, realize that the world is positively crawling with people and we've GOT to get along to have any kind of peaceful existence.

So, God is very real.

He is the concept of something better than myself to which I aspire to become like, knowing that I will fail but recognizing that the closer I get to this ideal, the better a human I will be.

He is the measure by which you reflect upon your life on your deathbed so that you can die peacefully, knowing you have led a "good" life.

He is the example by which you pattern your behaviour governing interaction with other humans.

He is present in every culture and every civilization since time began. He is at once a creation of our own invention and more than any of us could ever be.

Ecce Homo
I was once a seeker. I sought the truth thru all sorts of isms and ologies, including atheistic materialism and had all kinds of experiences. As far as my stance in the world, belief systems aside, what I am left with is the wisdom of love and compassion for all. I know. It’s crazy to some and heretical to others. But oddly enough, I’m ok with that. I stopped needing other people’s respect ages ago.

No. I don’t believe in God, as in I don’t have faith that there is a supreme being out there who has written a holy scripture and has sent his son to die on a cross or has spoken specifically to certain men throughout history like Mohammed, etc. I used to, but I don’t anymore. I have come to see however that there is an infinite intelligence that appears as everything within itself.

I could have written just that, verbatim.