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Re: whitewolf

Would I strike a child? Honestly? No.

If that ever happened, I would push the button. It goes against most of my values, But I would push that button, after alot of hesitation, natürlich.

If it was the Queen of England?
I don't think that the Queen of England is more important than 10,000 people. But, I suppose I would do it if she asked me to, you don't have a Queen, you don't understand. :D

But If there was a man threatening my wife with a gun, and I hadn't been seen and I had a knife, I wouldn't hesitate stabbing him in the neck. I swear on God that's the truth, you can trust me when I say that, obviously.

Re: whitewolf

if you had the choice and you had to pick who would you kill -
toby or a stranger
toby or a cat
toby or a dog
toby or a women
toby or the queen
toby or your ex wife
toby or your daughter
toby or hexi
hexi or yourself
yourself or your daughter
yourself or your ex wife
the queen or toby

?????? This is going to be fun hearing your responsess they better me honest!!

Re: whitewolf

You would shoot a child?
You would be useful in my neighbourhood....
Tell me if you're ever in Britain. :D

There was a story on the BBC 3 months ago of a woman who raped her child, skinned him, then made him eat his own skin, and fed the rest to relatives. They labeled her as a psychopath, and that ******* lawyers managed to succesfully sue the media for 'defamation of character'. What do you make of that?

It turned out that her 'conscience' was screwed up.
She told the courts that she had a conscience, but found nothing wrong with commiting an act of despicable proportions. Makes you think, doesn't it?
At least with psychopaths/sociopaths there is no chance of that happening...