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Re: whitewolf

I shoot the kid and stay with my friend. Anyone willing to take a life must be willing to give it up.

****.. why did he get stabbed? Hard times having kids this way. I blame neglectful parents who dedicate themselves to stuff rather than family.

I'd help a total stranger if I thought they were being hurt. I get to fight and they get to feel safe. We win.

Re: whitewolf

What If the kid was 8? :P

Lol - I asked you that because I was sure you would say you would help Cboo and Hexi but not Toby.... :)

That's not what I expected you to say, but I respect you for saying that.

Re: whitewolf

Toby is a pacifist. He probably lives around similar minded lambs. If you defend a lamb they will take a liking to you. Otherwise they'll keep trading away their freedoms to feel safe.

Re: whitewolf

I wish I did, But I don't.
Three months ago a group of teenagers threw a brick through my window. My children and wife were terrified, I didn't manage to catch up with any of them despite trying to. (I'm not slow, they're just fast :D)
That is a perfect example of a situation in which I could fight with someone. Just because I'm a pacifist doesn't mean I woudln't defend my wife, children, or anyone I saw being beaten in the streets.

I object to war, I don't believe it accomplishes anything. I woudln't sit by and watch anyone being beaten or attacked.
Innocent or not. No-one deserves to be attacked, it doesn't matter what they have done in the past or who they are. I am probably the only person I know he feels that way, even my wife was happy when she heard that Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered in prison, Why did he deserve to die? Who has the right to take away from him his God given right to life?

Re: whitewolf

Are you joking tobes? Dahmer cut off peoples heads and cocks and put them in his refrigerator....

Re: whitewolf

"Tobes"? I suppose that's better than "Toblerone".

I don't think anyone should be killed, and yes I am aware of what Jeffrey Dahmer did.
Why do you think he deserved to die? As Britons, we try and be the bigger person, we show our criminals and killers the compassion they were too cowardly to show their victims.

Re: whitewolf

Yeah. I'd kill that guy.

Toby is a liar. If he caught one of those kids.. he wouldn't know what to do. He wouldn't strike him though. Probably call his "mum" and such rubish.

Toby is a natural victim. He's not in any way precieved as aggresive and will instantly fear if you threaten what he loves. Toby, imagine a man holding a gun to your family. He tells you to push a button. That button will kill ten thousand people. All of them Russians. Then.. to make sure you understand how serious he is... he shoots your wife. She's laying on the floor dying. They'll only save your wide if you push the button. Oh and it's the Queen of England herself telling you to push the button.

But toby pushed the button way before they shot his wife. He pushed it just because the Queen commanded it of him and he is loyal to the crown. Otherwise he's a bloody traitor.

Re: whitewolf

Would I strike a child? Honestly? No.

If that ever happened, I would push the button. It goes against most of my values, But I would push that button, after alot of hesitation, natürlich.

If it was the Queen of England?
I don't think that the Queen of England is more important than 10,000 people. But, I suppose I would do it if she asked me to, you don't have a Queen, you don't understand. :D

But If there was a man threatening my wife with a gun, and I hadn't been seen and I had a knife, I wouldn't hesitate stabbing him in the neck. I swear on God that's the truth, you can trust me when I say that, obviously.

Re: whitewolf

if you had the choice and you had to pick who would you kill -
toby or a stranger
toby or a cat
toby or a dog
toby or a women
toby or the queen
toby or your ex wife
toby or your daughter
toby or hexi
hexi or yourself
yourself or your daughter
yourself or your ex wife
the queen or toby

?????? This is going to be fun hearing your responsess they better me honest!!

Re: whitewolf

You would shoot a child?
You would be useful in my neighbourhood....
Tell me if you're ever in Britain. :D

There was a story on the BBC 3 months ago of a woman who raped her child, skinned him, then made him eat his own skin, and fed the rest to relatives. They labeled her as a psychopath, and that ******* lawyers managed to succesfully sue the media for 'defamation of character'. What do you make of that?

It turned out that her 'conscience' was screwed up.
She told the courts that she had a conscience, but found nothing wrong with commiting an act of despicable proportions. Makes you think, doesn't it?
At least with psychopaths/sociopaths there is no chance of that happening...