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Re: (Poor) Interview with a Psychopath

i have seen that guy in a different documentary, a 3 part documentary called mania, under the part ego-mania, where he claims to be the leading expert on narcissistic personality disorder, because he suffers with it himself. interesting no?

Narcsissies are cowards who want everyone to respect and look up to them. They want to be the tough guy but they aren't. Sure they may seem similar to a psychopath but there are major differences.

I'm sure there is a way to deconstruct their egos and make them better but I don't care. All I know is that I don't like Narcs or how they treat people and I enjoy hurting them.

Are you trying to say I don't know about myself? You'd be ignorant to make comments like that though. See what makes psychopaths so hard to understand is our deception. We don't feel guilt or remorse. So we can straight faced lie to you and a lie detector at the sametime.

In fact the only thing psychologists do seem to agree on is that we lack remorse. Everything else is up in the air. Where it has been throughout the history of man. I offer you the opertunity to learn.

The void is the most important part of a psychopaths life. It defines our future actions. It is the difference between us becoming bad and good. None of you have it either. So it's not something I expect you to comprehend well. Just know it is important.