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Re: Question for Psychopaths...

No. He won't like that.
Try answering that question, really think. It's hard to guess the answer, I couldn't :D

Re: Question for Psychopaths...

That question....
The answer is - Because she thought her 'lover' would appear at her sisters funeral.
And, It's a hoax, it was an email hoax, apparently started by an American Psychologist.
It's completely fake.

Re: Question for Psychopaths...

I know it's a hoax. Everyone seeks simple answers to complex questions, people thought it would be that simple to detect a psychopath. Unfortunately, you can't detect them that easily, so it's a load of cr*p.
I just wanted to see how people would answer...

Re: Question for Psychopaths...

I couldnt answer than question.... I thought it was gonna be something simple like because she had a mental breakdown or something. Lol

Jamie, you arent one of the psychopaths on here, are you??

Re: Question for Psychopaths...

I am not a psychopath, no.

Re: Question for Psychopaths...

To meet the guy again at her sisters funeral

Re: Question for Psychopaths...

Well done.
That is if you didn't read the answer in the posts beforehand. :D