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Re: Toby - Your life....

Was that question aimed at me?
Do you like to?

How old are you?

Re: Toby - Your life....

It was aimed at everyone, really. Also, yes, occasionally. My preference of material varies ALOT. One day it's anime, the next day it's 80s stuff, you know the HORRIBLE stuff. :D

I've already told you my age, 2 times i think. I'm 25.

Actually, i already forgot where i was going with the original question. :( so nevermind i guess.

Re: Toby - Your life....

I'm reluctant to answer... ;)

Yes, I do... High heels and leather? NO. :D
I cannot find anything in the Bible that expressly mentions "relieving yourself". Some psychologists still say its bad for you... LOLOLOL
Why would women have a clitoris if "relieving yourself" was psychologically unhealthy in anyway?

80s stuff ey? Any sadistic stuff in there...

Re: Toby - Your life....

I dont see why anyone is bothered when answering that question, its perfectly normal and 100% psychologically healthy.

Toby, I am not "obsessed" with you, I am just one of those people who is always very curious about everything... You just seemed interesting. I like to know things like your favourite TV show etc...
You never answered that.... =)

Re: Toby - Your life....

My life is interesting...?

By Favourite TV show? - Facejacker, It's got to be Facejacker. :F

Re: Toby - Your life....

I like it too. :P

I agree with what you said earlier somewhere, about adding a donate button to the site.... I would donate =)

Re: Toby - Your life....

Do you have a religion, Jamie?