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Re: Chaotic behaviour

That type of behaviour is common among psychopaths and empaths, but mainly psychopaths. They can't plan ahead, while we can. MU HA HA HA HA!

Re: Chaotic behaviour

Really? That seems... odd. Considering the way we are protrayed as cruel and calculative.

Re: Chaotic behaviour

"Because they lack the inhibitory mechanisms of fear and guilt, psychopaths take foolhardy risks and don't plan ahead."

"Lack of realistic, long-term goals — an inability or persistent failure to develop and execute long-term plans and goals."

Need I say anymore?

Cruel and calculative?
British Psychologists aren't as quick to condemn people with disorders it seems.
"But one scientist believes psychopaths, despite their sometimes terrifying behavior, deserve compassion.
At its core, he argues, psychopathy is a learning disability that makes it difficult for psychopaths to stop themselves from pursuing harmful behavior."
We class psychopathy as a "learning disorder", It's true if you think about it...

Re: Chaotic behaviour

ONE scientist... yeah... i'll pass :P

Re: Chaotic behaviour

Einstein was just one "(what was he)" but he was very, very intelligent... Sure he was German, but...

Re: Chaotic behaviour

Who was widely ignored and ridiculed untill he proved his theories. This one scientist you meantioned "thinks" without any real evidence to back it up, which ofcourse is the case many times in mental issues.

Re: Chaotic behaviour

Actually he did a study of 100 psychopaths. Thats still ****, there are fairly high chances he could've happended to pick like 70 horrible ones....
Anyway, people still think Einstein was wrong...

Re: Chaotic behaviour

not all empaths.

those with a diagnosable personality type are often the way hexi describes.

i am one, borderline borderline (lol), and certainly no psychopath.

My plans, if i make any, are short-lived. I live from day to day, and i mean that barely figuratively.

Hexi's comment just reminds me that he is designed to do one thing very well, spot weaknesses and so obviously that takes precedence over anything else.