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Whitewolf - What's your story?

Whitewolf - Your MyTherapy page has been deleted, it is no longer possible to find much out about you....

What is your "story"?

Were are you from, you name, age, where you live, favourite Tv show, favourite food, children, parents, wives, ETC.

I really am a nosey devil.

I will wait to see if I get any answers to the above questions....

Re: Whitewolf - What's your story?

What is it with people and there obsessions with other people "stories"? LOL

Yeah Wolfie, tell us.

Come on! :-)

Re: Whitewolf - What's your story?

I have a lot of adventurous stories. So telling a life story would take to long.

I don't really give out identifying information. It's against my nature to do that.

But I am from the South. I was raised in the Midwest, west, South Africa and a few other places. I live in the desert. I don't have a favorite food or a favourite food either. I guess you could say I am more of a carnivor. I don't watch much tv but I enjoy learning channels such as discovery channel or how it's made. I have a daughter. Oh and I'm not a pure breed white.

Here's an interesting story. During Pearl Harbor both sides of my family were represented on opposing forces. During the occupation of Japan my US grandfather took my Japanese grandmother as his life. He died later in life when he accidentally drove his corvette off the side of a hill. Thats my fathers side of the family.

On my mothers side.. they're all white. But my grandfather died saving my mother as z child after she fell in a rapidly moving river. He put the life preserver on her and then drown when the current sucked him under. He knowingly sacrificed himself to save her. She said his last words were that he loved her.

All of my true grandparents died without me really knowing them. Only hearing stories about how brave and wreckless they lived their lives.

My father was a policeman. Later he was an apache pilot in the army. But above all things he is a womanizer who could careless about his own children. I would love to meet him. I think beating the ever living crap out of him would be theriputic.

And then there is the family I knew all my life. The family I was decieved into believing were my real family. But thats for later.

Re: Whitewolf - What's your story?

Giving out personal information that could be used to identify you is a bad move. I shouldn't of said My name, job, salary, email, hometown, etc. Oh well. :-)

That's a nice story to have of your grandparents, I like it.
You don't watch much TV?!
I have SKY but it doesn't get the discovery channel as the sattelite signal in our house is ****e.

Beating him would be therapeutic? It's a shame you don't know where he's buried.... Joking. :-)
You're not 100% White, this could be a good oppurtunity for me.... hehehe. :P

Overall, do you think you have a good life? (It's a real question...) And what do you do as a job?

Re: Whitewolf - What's your story?

Toby, you have to understand... I've spent my entire life studying your kind. I am far more interested in people than tv.

For an antisocial personality I have many friends I see daily. I don't get much mr time unless it's bed time. People like to socialize with me and go places. I bring out the joy in people. I like seeing people happy IRL. Online... I like to have fun and show people how little and ugly they really are.

It's what I do. Cause I've seen your kind and your silly games. Always having these plans. You think you're going to be so smart. So I throw a wrench in your machine just to watch you fall. To see how you.. someone so amped up.. become small and insignificant like everyone else. You were no better. That was a lie you told yourself and everyone else. I exposed it. By you I mean those I punish.

Dr. Long thought he was special. But everyone on a perch can be pushed off and they know it. I didn't attack him. I didn't have to. All I did was provoke his paranoid emotions and feed them a little. His mind did the rest. I tricked an MD expert with the simply attack because he was too arrogent to realize I am smarter than him. Oh no not a high and mighty... normal person with a degree. Pff. I've study people my entire life.

But he is just an example of me turning peoples games on them. It's more fun than tv. For every bad person I treat there are at least ten people I make smile. Most of them daily. It's just more rewarding to be around happy people. But there also needs to be a place like this where I feel safe to be myself.

Re: Whitewolf - What's your story?

I have wasted years in front of my TV. And I don't regret it in the slightest. :D

I have diabetes, so my government gives me Disability Living Allowance - free money every week, I became lazy. :-)

You haven't managed to do anything emotionally to me, not anything. I don't doubt you can, but you haven't managed to so far. You can exploit other things in people, not just emotions. Somewhere out there is someone who could do exactly what you say you do to other people, to you.

I don't get much mr time unless it's bed time.

I enjoy my bed time. Although I have spent the last 4 days only having 2 hours sleep because I've been on here, or elsewhere of the internet. LOL

Dr. Long was noone special, he was a Doctor of Medicine, he didn't have any special qualities besides extreme paranoia.

Yeah... How old are you?? (I didn't answer so I dont mind if you don't)