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Re: To WhiteWolf

I don't hit women because that is against my morals.

Correct answer! It is against your morals, and so it should be. But thats it; your conscience just uses your morals to guide you, It doesn't restrain you.

It's important for a psychopath to find a code of conduct to live by early on.

What like a substitute conscience?
Then it's still a conscience of sorts.

You have two arteries in your neck that go to your brain. If they are collapsed you will instantly pass out. However, if those arteries remain collpased you will die within a matter of seconds. No pain, no struggle, no suffering.

My GOD! Are you talking about your two carotid arteries!? Them collapsing is probably one of the most horrific ways of dying, my friend is a paramedic.

Knowing none of you have guns...

I may have a gun... You've no way of knowing... I might have a glock safe-action pistol in my top drawer. And it would be so easy to pull out and BAM! shoot you in your face.

I could easily take your life

Why did I have to tell you where I live? LOL

You can't say you are afraid of what i am capable of and then claim emotional superiority. You've not risen above your fear.

I am ******* myself with fear. I never said I am scared of you or that I am afraid of what you are capable of I said that you're dangerous.

I guess God trusts me... more than he trusts you. Afterall he gave me free will but you not so much.

You can't insult religion the Holy Bible, then talk about God favouring you, everyone is equal in the yes of God. He trusts everyone equally.

I'm starting to think you're mildly retarded... YOUR CONSCIENCE ONLY STOPS YOU FROM COMMITING ACTS THAT ARE AGAINST YOUR MORALS AND ETHICAL GUIDELINES! Geez, it's like talking to a baby.

How sad to have regret. To live in remorse and know you have failed God. So why do you commit acts you know will bring about guilt? I'll tell you why. Because deep down inside you are good people who want to do bad things to eachother

You cannot begin to comprehend anything outside the psychopathic mind, I don't want to hurt anybody, Never for a second in my life have I wanted to hurt, physically or emotionaly, anybody.

While in fact I could care less about the things you care about because I lack the emotional capacity to be upset by stupid emotional things.

You COULD care less? Grammar...
I have a happy life, enjoyable filled with all the things that I wish I could share with you.
Are you happy with your life?
What am I kidding, of course you are!

Re: To WhiteWolf

I've lost interest in taunting you.

Tell me about British foods you eat often.

Re: To WhiteWolf

I was waiting for someone to lose interest - I just always thought it was going to be me. :)

Do you really want me to tell you about British foods? Or were you mocking me? :-)

Re: To WhiteWolf

Tell me why you are a pacifist. That sounds interesting.

Re: To WhiteWolf

I cannot believe you are interested in anything I have to say. But Ok.

I am a Christian, and therefore believe in the teachings of Jesus. There is no doubt that Jesus forbade war and violence of any kind.

Who are the real heroes, the men killing innocents? Or the men that bravely lay down there arms and refuse to fight, regardless of the consequences, Even if the consequences are death?

You're American so remember in your country all those who advocate war, remember that they are urging a corruption which their forefathers despised.

I follow a principle of non-violence as I believe that it is morally superior and pragmatically more effective.

The only time I would ever fight was If the war was just and my country or its allies were facing assured destruction. Then, and only then I would fight, To the death. :-)

"He who holds the sword must cast it away and that if one of the faithful becomes a soldier he must be rejected by the Church, for he has scorned God."

Anymore questions? :-)

And a question from me, Why aren't you a pacifist?

Re: To WhiteWolf

Because I believe in God.

The end.

Re: To WhiteWolf

You aren't a pacifist.... Because you believe in God?
Accepting war contradicts the teachings of the Bible, you can't be on the fence. You either accept God and dismiss war, or accept war and reject God.

Seriously, No more questions? They were fun... Lol

(And You've got your website as "USA", just sayin')

Re: To WhiteWolf

You must have God and Jesus confused.

In God we trust...

Re: To WhiteWolf

Which one is God again? The beardy one right? :-)
I don't have them confused, Jesus is the son of God and he passed down the Law of God.

The Bible teaches compassion, mercy, loving your enemies and non-violent means of settling disputes.
The New Testament is clear in it's
Christianity has a "presumption against war", but others say that it has a "presumption against injustice", and the bias against war comes from the injustice that war can do.

God teaches a world in which peace and justice may flourish, and sometimes obviously war is a too needed to do this, and waging a war can sometime be considered as a "lesser evil" to letting injustices persist. In Afghanistan for example.
The Bible teaches against war and violence and the above is the only pretense in which war may be "acceptable". Is that what you mean?
Are you getting your information from The Holy Bible, or something else?

Re: To WhiteWolf

God didn't say any of that crap. Who are you lying to?

Pushing your failed faith and cowardly pacifist ways on people.. claiming these to be rightious. Yeah.. tell the Jews they should just hug their enemies. Don't be surprised when they tell you to **** off as well.

Any person who says they would only fight to save their nation is a lier and a coward. What they are really saying is that they won't lift a finger to even save themselves until the fight is on their land. Until the enemy is already over running them.

You'll have to forgive us if we don't wait till after our enemies invade. In the US we learned that if you just sit on your butt and slack off thinking good thoughts... Zeh Germans will getcha with their sick sick porn. LOL

Re: To WhiteWolf

I wouldn't fight in any war. Those in power can glass the whole continent for all i care, as long as i'm not there when it happens.

Re: To WhiteWolf

Whitewolf -
I didn't say God said any of that? How can a bodyless being write?
Jesus said it however, the son of God.
Let me rephrase my previous statement - I would fight in a war if my country needed me or if my country faced destruction. Calling me a coward for not accepting war and violence? I'm sorry but I have come to the conclusion you must be an idiot! :-) You have no right to call me cowardly. You don't even know me.
I refuse to kill other innocent people in the same situation as me. If my country needed me, and I believed it was the right thing to do, I would fight.

Any person who says they would only fight to save their nation is a lier and a coward.

I am not taking that from someone who misspelt liar.
No, What I am saying is that I refuse to fight and kill fellow beings, have a problem with that?

In the US we learned that if you just sit on your butt and slack off thinking good thoughts...

Coming from the country thats never been invaded. Britain, France, Finland, Europe have experienced battle uncompared.
I would fight for my country, I wouldn't wait for my country to be invaded. But If I thought we were unfairly invading another country suppressing the people, then I would refuse.
I am proud to call myself a conscientious objector, an individual who has claimed their right to refuse to perform military service.
You appear to disregard the Bible, and create your own theories of what God wants, You have psychosis! Seek Help!

My "failed religion" has 2.2 Billion members! Ha! Over 1/3 of ALL the people in the world have accepted Christianity!

Conscientious objectors are asigned civilian work, so we still give our help and support just not through maiming innocent men and women. You must understand that? Mustn't you?
I dont care why you refuse to fight, the good thing is that you refuse!
Well Done! :P

Re: To WhiteWolf

I'm curious. On MyTherapy and on here you say that you believe in god AND The Bible...?
Obviously you were lying right?
Quote to me, from the Bible, were it accept War and Violence as a helpful tool?
Jesus didn't just make **** up as he went along. He was the son of God. He passed down God's Law, GOD'S LAW!
You make me want to explooooooode!

Re: To WhiteWolf

Whitewolf - You aren't going to call Hexi a "coward" or "liar" are you? No, proof you just want to fight with me.

Re: To WhiteWolf

Don't misunderstand me. I would have no trouble to command troops from afar but frontlines? Yeah, no. I'll rather stay away from bullets flying at me. I actually think war is fascinating, very much so. Especially how people that claim they are civilized and honourable turn into rapists and cannibals, given the right circumstances. Ahh, i could discuss the finer points of war and warfare for hours.

Re: To WhiteWolf

No, I understood you perfectly. You don't want to die. Who does?
Plenty of people claim to be religious or civilsed as you say, but descend into animals on the war front.
I have a good idea, Robots! Yeah, countries should fight robots instead of people, then whoever wins and has the most rob..... No, thats an awful idea.

Re: To WhiteWolf


Re: To WhiteWolf

We've really gone astray from Psychology....
Oh well.

Re: To WhiteWolf

"LESS THAN US"? You are so irritatingly blind. We are so much more than you, we have something amazing. You, were are you in life hmm? I don't know myself but I can assume somewhere not great.
You're pitiful, you couldn't lead your own life let alone anyone elses. The emotional are so much more than psychopaths; a bunch of people I would spit on it the street. You disgust me, If you were capable for just one second of feeling what I feel every day, you would realise, your life SUCKS.
You suffer from "superiority complex", you think you are better for LACKING WHAT MAKES YOU HUMAN!

Conscience is so great, it guides you, but it only guides you by what YOU BELIEVE. So, its not like its holding you back. If only you weren't so closed-minded. You arent ******* superior in ANY WAY!
You lead a pitiful life, you crave (Subconciously or not) what we have every day! ADMIT IT! DR HARE says that your brains create your superirotity COMPLEX to protect yourself from going insane! litterally, psychologically INSANE!

Re: To WhiteWolf

A couple of things
Psychopaths aren't "superior" but they certainly aren't "Evil".
And reading your posts on mytherapy and here, you appear to think that people capable of experiencing emapthy are somehow inferior? I feel helpless at this point - Nothing I say will ever be anything like the experience of true emotions, and whatever I say you will counter.
Don't say "you people" we are all the same!
Empaths (Or most of them) are intelligent, unmaterialistic, un-greedy, compassionate, clever people. Dont judge them all based on what you think.
You think ALL empaths are un-intelligent - And you don't beleive when people say psychopaths are killers?
Both those statements are false. Reading through MyTherapy I feel sorry for you, If I thought I could help you in any possible way, I would, without hesitation. ANYTHING.
I sometime think I have it hard - Whilie I sit here typing on my £1000 laptop watching my LCD 32" plasma big screen TV and a Xbox 360. All things you say you would like to own.
I disagree with Toby on here on some of his posts and think It would be a good idea for him to apologize as I dont think he understands exactly how hard you have had life, Dont you Agree?
But nnless you make some attempt to change and make an effort to help out people - you will continue drifting through life not really getting anywhere as most of the people on this forum such as Toby, go off at night pretty well off, I assume.
A test of how big a person you are --- would you mutually apologize to Toby?

Attack of the clones?

It's like the empath army wants to... feel me but they can't. They know I know they're just ordinary people who "think" they can feel the emotions of others. But that's crap.


Re: To WhiteWolf

But, we can feel others emotions...
Thats Empathy... and Empathic Concern...

Re: To WhiteWolf

But, we can feel others emotions...
Thats Empathy... and Empathic Concern...

So rich people understand the suffering of the poor? I think not. But rich people do assume empathy for the poor don't they. What an arrogent assumption. Thats what empathy really is. The arrogent assumption that you understand how someone else feels. Similar we not equal same. Umm... You have to walk a mile in his shoes? Analogies working yet?

Re: To WhiteWolf

Rich people are not a species. It depends on the person, of course they could feel empathy for the poor its just the arrogant ****ers that don't help.
Empathy isn't being able to understand as much as it being able to feel, actually feel, how other feel. To put yourself in their place emotionally.

A complex form of psychological inference in which observation, memory, knowledge, and reasoning are combined to yield insights into the thoughts and feelings of others, and experience similar feeling.

Sums it up pretty well.

Re: To WhiteWolf

Do you feel empathy for me?

You should read my 70+ page thread on mytherapy.

Maybe you could cry hearing my tragic life. Bleed for me. Die for me. Feel my pain. Let it consume you. Whatever.

Re: To WhiteWolf

I do feel empathy for you, and sympathy.
You're good at instilling emotions in your 44+ pages of posting. :-)

Re: To WhiteWolf

I do feel empathy for you, and sympathy.
You're good at instilling emotions in your 44+ pages of posting. :-)

You feel empathy for me eh?

How does it feel?

Re: To WhiteWolf

Well, That seemingly simple question is actually very hard to answer. :-)
That's like me saying: "Hey, I've never eaten an orange... What does it taste like?" You wouldn't be able to answer.
It feels.... Sad?
I feel as I would feel if the same happened to me I suppose. It would be easier to answer if I felt empathy to you in person.