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Re: Whitewolf - Whats your story?

Look what I found. :-)

Dear Members,

Our security software is showing that our banned member, WhiteWolf, is trying to illegally return to our community.

So as to not antagonize him further, our administrative staff will quietly deal with this problem without making any further announcements to our community.

What's this about you condoning genocide?

LMFAO! That never gets old.

God, condones genocide. I can understand his reasoning and tend to agree.

Re: Whitewolf - Whats your story?

Reading that notice made me LOL over and over.

When It said you condoned genocide, I immediately assumed that you were condoning the holocaust. I'm not to sure why, just genocide = holocaust in my head. ;)

Yes, I understand what you mean by god condoning genocide but the New Testament wouldn't agree.

There is so much in there about you abusing members, reading through all 44 pages of your posts I have yet to find the "Abuse" or the "Abused".
LOL :-)

Re: Whitewolf - Whats your story?

I did help a lot of people though. Doing my good deeds.

Re: Whitewolf - Whats your story?

I'ts quite interesting your posts on there - I didn't know you believed in God. I might not agree with your views regarding your purpose but I'm glad you have faith.
I didn't know quite how hard you had things growing up; for what its worth I'm sorry. I dont expect you to care, but it makes me feel better. :-)

I really, really disliked the way he compared you to Hitler multiple times. You told the hard cold truth about your feelings and for that you are compared to a dictatorial monster? Everyone voted for the your sub-forum to stay open, but still he removed it and now he has banned psychopaths all together? *******

Re: Whitewolf - Whats your story?

I wasn't going to respond to that but it appeared at the top of the list on the 14th and the last post was on the 9th.

I looked up PTSD.. hoping that maybe it was just some kind of trauma. But I failed the symptoms. No nightmares, no trouble sleeping, no problem confronting those involved in traumatic events.

"Why do they hate me?" It's not an easy question to answer yet it is. Because I'm different and that difference isolates my existance from yours. In a room full of people... I know I am alone. A stand alone complex forms. But those who are too introvertive start to feel the void. The trick is socializing and being extrovertive... even though that is not a natural state. Even we can't always be islands.

So I drink the nights away with these people. I sleep with these nice looking women and try to forget. Isn't that what everyone does.