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Re: Ecco Homo

I know I'm not materialistic. My possesions are limited and I don't take anything for granted. Ever.

Re: Ecco Homo


You wanted to see what makes me tick… Why? Who cares, really?

We speak from two separate paradigms. Although I understand your vantage point, you apparently don’t seem to understand mine. You keep trying to fit my words into your view of the world, which is how you can talk about my “contradictory beliefs”. All I can say to that is, there is a difference between believing and seeing. My comments above are not what I believe, they are verbal descriptions of what I see, and even they aren’t ultimately true. The only way you can know what I am talking about is to see it for yourself. Until such a time happens, all you can do is… well… all you can do is what you have been doing, which is project your own feelings onto me and then dismiss what you think I am saying. Which, as always, is fine. I want for you what you want for yourself.

I am glad you see enough to notice that power is an illusion. What else can you see if you relax your need to cling to your false superiority?

What is this really about kiddo?

Re: Ecco Homo

I just had a bit of an epiphany of sorts Wolfie. I apologize for saying that your sense of superiority is false. It isn’t false to you. And maybe I am completely wrong about that as well. Maybe you don’t see your psychological differences from “my people” as superior. Your comments educate me about what you think, at least as far as what you have said here. The truth is I don’t know you. Who knows who you are offline, what you’re like, what kind of education you have, whether you are married with children or single or homosexual or Latino… I just don’t know you. But I have been given an opportunity to be educated by you when you share your thoughts and I shut down that opportunity with comments about your so called false superiority. It was my own false superiority that was rearing its beautiful head in that statement. I got that just now thanks to you!

Re: Ecco Homo

...And even that isn't true.

Re: Ecco Homo

LOL! Precisely! You're so good Wolfie.