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Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

I'm not telepathic. That was the lie. :-)

Enviornment influences everyone. If I was born an Afghan I'm sure I'd be killing US soldiers right now with my AK but I am not. So I will not.

One day you will learn that good and bad are just matters of perception. That neither word has anymore meaning than you give it.

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

I really should of been able to work out that one... :-) Something I was giving some thought earlier was although your lack of conscience scares me, plenty of people such as serial killers torture and maim innocents and say their conscience TOLD them to do such things so maybe you not having one isn't so terrifying after all... :-) You seem logical, you say you are so they're shouldn't be any reason to treat you any differently than I would anyone else.

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

Good. We are making progress.

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

Martha Stout is a clueless idiot who only has prison population as a control group. Rest of her "expertise" is nothing but assumptions and personal opinions.

To voice my opinion to the original question i would have to say that i *think* psychopathy is something that develops at some point. The human brain doesn't stop growing until your mid 20s, if i remember right, so wouldn't it be plausible to think that at some point in the brains development some anomaly appears? It's just something i've thought of. We know so little about our brains that i can safely say that no one knows the cause.

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

Hmm --- Good point, maybe people are born with the predispition to turn into a psychopath and environment tips them over the edge? Im guessing here as I know little of psychopathy.

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

Excellent. So what's your story Whitewolf? What do you believe in? If you don't mind me asking. :-)