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Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

I don't think you understand. I'm not Diego. I'm not hurt.

Considering you won't acknowledge the possibility of my mental status... I don't think you'll ever understand.

It's not that I don't care out of spite. Just that I don't care. Your kind always attach emotion to all your actions and then project those feelings.

Speaking of feelings... I always thought it was funny that both the Jedi and Sith always told Anakin to search his feelings. It was his feelings that lead to his downfall. So do you think a psychopath would be a Sith or Jedi?
im doesnt KNOWS. sith and jedis dont EXISTS and sociopaths dont too.

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

Actaully Whitewolf I have heard that too, that children who have an "extended period of bedwetting" can grow up to be psychopaths. Thats just strange, I dont think its true. Like you said you either born one or not.
And what did you mean before when you said "whats my name!?"? LOL

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

I was asking you what my name was. Wanted to know which alias would come up. Also... for a moment... I though the question was a joke. Now I understand that you were serious but really... that just makes it funnier.

The idea that a symptom could be consider a cause.. is funny.

Remember when you talk to me that I am a powerful telepathicly gifted individual. My lack of emotions allows me to channel the feelings and emotions of others. Oh and empaths are ghey. And I lied but some of you believed me. And I'm rambling to amuse myself. End.

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

Oh right.
When did you lie? and in what way are you telepathic?

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

So you can never just lose your emotions and become a psychopath? And the term "mild psychopath", you either have emotions or don't, right?

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

Hello again Toby.

If it were possible for someone to lose emotions, would they become a psychopath? Does psychopathy equate to a complete absence of emotion? From the literature I have read on the subject, probably not. Psychopaths do in fact, feel emotion. Just not the kind nor to the degree that the average emotionally endowed feel on a regular basis.

To hear what actual mental health professionals have to say on the subject, peruse Dr. Robert’s archive. It is really an excellent resource. You might also consider Googling Robert Hare, Martha Stout and the term, ‘dark triad’.

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

Thank you :)
But many people can do things but feel no guilt. Many people I know can go out stealing from shops/work and generally be anti-social, light fires, and lie, but I don't think they're psychopaths because they can all feel emotion, empathy etc.
And I had a look at the dark triad, its very interesting.
But reading certain sites they say that all people have some degree of machiavellianism, I know I don't.
Do you think people can turn into psychopaths or gain it environmentally?
You have such good opinions. :)

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

You have such good opinions. :)

Thanks man! And you’re so good at giving compliments! Giving a compliment, seeing the positive in someone or something else, is itself a gift.

All people are a little bit Machiavellian… I’m not sure that’s true in my own experience. Even if other people believe they are selfish to the core (and by selfish I mean, a singular focus on their egoic selves) I don’t believe it. There’s something deeper and richer going on underneath the apparent Machiavellianism and it is always and forever giving. There’s a lot of beauty in that view.

Do you think people can turn into psychopaths or gain it environmentally?

What do we mean by psychopaths? Do we mean, as Dr. Robert says, that psychopaths are simply those without the capacity for feeling guilty? Or do we mean those who not only can’t feel guilty, but can also say yes to the entire spectrum of traits that Dr. Hare talks about in his Psychopath Checklist? From what I have managed to gather, no one knows with a high degree of certitude what causes psychopathy to begin with, let alone how to “cure” it. As you can see, there isn’t even thoroughgoing agreement on how to define psychopathy, much less how to reverse its course. And if we can’t “cure” it or reverse it, how can we then know how to cause it?

Having said all of that, I don’t think psychopathy is something that can be gained at a later date. My best guess is that those whose brains are already predisposed to be psychopathic, who are then reared in a total environment (meaning not just the home, but the school, the neighborhood, economic status, etc) that moves them to adapt anti-social behavioral patterns as a lifestyle, are the best candidates for this label in adulthood. So the answer to your question is a tad more complicated than a simple yes or no, as far as I can tell anyway.

*I put cure in quotes above because I don’t really believe that those who call themselves psychopaths or who have been diagnosed with ASPD need to be cured. The ones who leaves comments here seem to be doing just fine.

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

Same with me, I mean I always thought that if your a Psychopath you are but your environment decides whether or not you are good or respect others. I also am a bit reluctant to accept "mild psychopathy", I think you either have psychopathy or don't, get what I mean? And alot of people on here say therapy is only for people who are affected by their state, but if that holds true there isnt much point for psychotics to visit psychologists, schizophrenics or people who are insane, right? Probably not :-)

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

I'm not telepathic. That was the lie. :-)

Enviornment influences everyone. If I was born an Afghan I'm sure I'd be killing US soldiers right now with my AK but I am not. So I will not.

One day you will learn that good and bad are just matters of perception. That neither word has anymore meaning than you give it.

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

I really should of been able to work out that one... :-) Something I was giving some thought earlier was although your lack of conscience scares me, plenty of people such as serial killers torture and maim innocents and say their conscience TOLD them to do such things so maybe you not having one isn't so terrifying after all... :-) You seem logical, you say you are so they're shouldn't be any reason to treat you any differently than I would anyone else.

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

Good. We are making progress.

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

Martha Stout is a clueless idiot who only has prison population as a control group. Rest of her "expertise" is nothing but assumptions and personal opinions.

To voice my opinion to the original question i would have to say that i *think* psychopathy is something that develops at some point. The human brain doesn't stop growing until your mid 20s, if i remember right, so wouldn't it be plausible to think that at some point in the brains development some anomaly appears? It's just something i've thought of. We know so little about our brains that i can safely say that no one knows the cause.

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

Hmm --- Good point, maybe people are born with the predispition to turn into a psychopath and environment tips them over the edge? Im guessing here as I know little of psychopathy.

Re: Turn INTO a psychopath?

Excellent. So what's your story Whitewolf? What do you believe in? If you don't mind me asking. :-)