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Re: Whitewolf

The British race is Mickey Mouse, mate.

Only a Brit could tell you what that meant. They're also the only people who understand that chap who does the commentary for Planet Earth.

Re: Whitewolf

We are the best country in the world.
We have the only free healthcare in the world.
We are officialy recognised as having one of the best intelligent agency's in the world (SIS) and we created the language you are speaking, typing, living and being surrounded by. But even then america had to somehow mess that up. With your pronounciation of u, its prounounced "you" not "oo".
Stop watching our TV, go make your own.

Re: Whitewolf

I'm obviously willing to amuse myself with our interactions. But if you keep acting stupid I'm going to assume you are stupid and treat you like I do stupid people. Basicly... Nothing will change.

Re: Whitewolf

You make me laugh.
You can assume i'm stupid, but then i'll have to assume your stupid for jumping to an assumption.
I win.

Re: Whitewolf

How can pride disgust you?
My ancestors in that time where German, so probably not.
We had the biggest empire in the world at one point, and america was a part.
I like tea. We can agree on the fact we like tea.