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Empathic Anger???

Is this an example of empathic anger??
I saw a kid being beaten up outside my house the other day 2 13/14 year old kids were attacking an 8 year old, so I walked outside and punched one of them in the face (not hard though)and they ran off, and now I'm in trouble but what i wanted to ask is that an example of "Empathic Anger" or something else?
I know I shouldn't of but and I feel kind of bad, but thats what you deserve when you attack children.
The feeling im trying to explain to you is say you saw a little kid walking to school and suddenly a group of teens push him into a hedge and start punching and kicking him, and you really REALLY feel theres an injustice and that calling the Police wont help so you want to give them some of what they are giving out? Thats gotta be empathic anger, right?
PS I am under 18. :)

Re: Empathic Anger???

That is an example of empathic anger, but don't hit children. Its illegal and they're children. Come on man!