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Re: Dear Whitewolf

Why do you fear the law? Why do you have the desire to fit in with what you are not?

I can't tell you. It's a secret.

Oh I have this scitzo that lives in an apartment near me. I like to make him paranoid and watch him act funny. :-)

Your statements are inconsistent. You have no fear, yet you suggest that you abide by legal and religious decrees. Also, you have the desire to "fit in" rather than to not "fit in." If you have no fear, why abide by legal, and even more so, religious decrees?

Please clarify your definition of fear.

Why is there always that "all or nothing" mentality? It's so annoying. Normal people only see black and white or right and wrong. No degrees of change or gray in their world.

Are you really asking me why I don't throw my life away and end up in prison?! Are you that stupid? Is that what you would do? "I lack fear! Therefore I'm ah crrrazy person!"

Hexi answered your fitting in question. He could probably explain that psychopaths that are smart avoid getting caught like a *******. We formulate plans. Like as a child.. my parents tried spanking me to punish me but I'd just do it again but this time I'd be more covert about my actions. Eventually they stopped spanking me because I told them I wasn't going to cry anymore and didn't. I think that demoralized them. LOL

As for morals I really only have two rules.
A) I don't ever harm children.
B) I'll never strike a woman.

I know. I'm such a terrible sinner. I lie, cheat, steal...

Re: Dear Whitewolf

Why do you fear the law? Why do you have the desire to fit in with what you are not?

The same reason someone without a face would wear a mask. I'll let you ponder that one.

Re: Dear Whitewolf

Off-topic, but why do we have to see a huge photo of the doctor on every page? It's weird.