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Childhood uncontrollable laughter/crying

Hello everyone. I've got a quick question that maybe someone could answer or comment on. Until I was about 8 or 9 years old, anytime I was scolded or yelled at by my parents, I only had two reactions, either laugh or cry uncontrollably. The crying didn't feel like a sad crying, it was more like, maybe a panic attack crying, just couldn't stop. I never thought that being yelled at was fun, or funny, nor did I find my parents' expressions humorous, I basically could only react in those two ways. I never wanted to disappoint my parents, and anytime I did, I felt guilty. But never so much that it made sense to cry uncontrollably. And when it was laughter instead, it made my parents even more mad, especially my dad, "do you think this is funny?". Of course I didn't, but the more I tried to stop, the more I would laugh, knowing it would just get me in bigger trouble. Does anyone know why I would have reacted that way? Is that a normal reaction from a child?


I'm not worried about this, I think I'm perfectly normal and happy. I'm really just interested in the psychology behind it. And curious if this is something most children do.

Haha, I guess I should also give my opinion on it. My thought is that maybe it was a way of changing the subject. When I would get over worked up and cry over it, my parents would generally console me and calm me down. When I would laugh, maybe it was a way of getting my parents to change the subject, like rather than being mad about the original problem, they were now just mad that I'm laughing. I feel that the behavior is probably not normal because my older brother, by 1 year, and younger brother, by two years, wouldn't react in that manner.

Re: Childhood uncontrollable laughter/crying

I think this is something everyone does sometimes, I know I used to, maybe it's just another way of showing upset? I like foods, YOU FOODS NOW?