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Re: need social skills help !

Hello Dr. Robert ,

I'm a sophmore and a female.
I need your help. I noticed that i'm a loser. I have two more years of highschool and i feel like i can't ever be friends with the popular people.

I am friends with some. but i feel that when i make friends with people i'm held back. When i was younger, these girls i knew ruined my school years. Like they would take all my friends away, start problems with me and make it hell for me.

I left that and at the begininng of highschool i tried to start fresh. It worked out for a while and i met some people but later on they turned against me, for no reason.

When i remember these things i cry and i don't feel that people can understand what i've been through. Till this day, i feel so uncompelete like i missed out on my chance. I'm changing schools next year and i want to be a compeletly different person, happy, charismatic.

I want people to meet me and to forget most of my past. I've noticed that you can only be young once and i don't want to waste it crying or feeling like a loser. Also, how can I also keep a conversation going? I feel like I can start conversations with the people I want to start ones with and keep it going .
Thank you so much you!
have a wonderful day!

I tried to edit it abit as it was painful to the eyes. As to actually helping you, i can't.

Re: need social skills help !

Nice one Hexi - I bet that's made her feel much better; I can't help.
I had the same problem when I was young, I always pretended to be someone else, to be different but when I just started being myself and more relaxed It gave me much more confidence and really helped me in Making and Keeping friends, Just try making a little extra effort to be friendly - Should help - If not...

Re: need social skills help !

Should i pretend that i can relate? Perhaps recite empty platitudes? Everyone needs to find their own skin they are comfortable with, no one else can do that for them or even point in the right direction. For all i know she might have mental problems and thus can't operate with people. Not saying she does, mind you, i just don't know so giving advice seems moot.