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Hello Everyone.
I have a friend who is 14 and says that sometimes he gets sexual arousal when he hears about sex with minors... (Not abuse).
He says he also sometimes fantasizes about 8/9 year old children... But he says he hates Paedophiles or anyone who has attacked/abused children. He also says he does not wish to have sex with a child and is around children and familys children alot and is never aroused... I have not told him im writing this but I'm worried he will grow up still and fancy children and be a Paedophile! Is this Normal for a child of 13/14 or not and does it mean he is going to be a paedophile?!
Help! Please!

Re: Paedophilia

Just so people know, There are 2 different Toby's.
I'm not this person. :0