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Re: Disorder of some kind??

Hi Zabava. I like the name, by the way, if that is your real name. Either way, it’s cool.

I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist or any kind of mental health expert. But you had to know that you probably wouldn’t be getting professional opinions when you posted your comment here, didn’t you? So, from one non-professional to another, my opinion is that you are not a sociopath or psychopath. I base that opinion on these statements:

I also threw my cat down the stairsand hurt it, which I found funny but now regret…

I CAN and have experienced, guilt, empathy, sympathy…

I often buy things for people or give them things to make them happy and I often go out of my way to help someone else… I love that feeling…

From everything I have read, and even from the posts written here by some of the self proclaimed sociopaths, they don’t worry about whether or not they are sociopaths. If you are worried that you are, then chances are good that you aren’t. Also, they don't go out of their way to make other people feel good. The only people they go out of the way for is themselves. Or so the literature states. I don't know that I've met a bona fide sociopath so I don't really know.

is it just me seeing something and worrying like I ALWAYS do??? :)

That is what I’d go with. The real question is, why on earth are you worried about such a thing at your age anyway? And one last thing,

I now realise all of the above are hilarious. :)

It so is! No worries man. Keep your sense of humor about all this. You are probably doing better than you think you are! The only "disorder" you have is the one we all get: it's called adolescence. (I kid!)

Re: Disorder of some kind??

Thank you very much, I've spent countless days worrying that I have a disorder of somekind but it feels great to finally realise that Im normal and have nothing wrong :)

I worry so much about loads of things, I mean If I where a Psychologist I would probably have self-diagnosed myself with absoulutely everything there is.

Thanks again for your reply, its a great relief to be free of the (pointless) worrying. :)
And one more question I have just out of curiosity is do those who clearly do have Psychopathy feel SYMPATHY?
Thanks :)

Re: Disorder of some kind??

No problem Zabava. Try to find a way to reduce those worrisome thoughts if you can. It’ll help you lead a happier life. You can ignore those thoughts, question them, or find ways to steer them in more positive and life affirming directions when they pop up in your mind. Just because those thoughts appear within your mind does not mean they are all true or that you need to focus on them.

As you to your question about psychopaths and sympathy, it would probably be better if a psychopath (or someone who identifies as such without ever actually being diagnosed) answered that. My guess, based only on what I have read, is that they don’t feel much of it. If they do feel sympathy, it certainly doesn’t inform their decisions or influence their actions to any meaningful degree. If you are curious about psychopaths, Google Robert Hare, Martha Stout and the phrase ‘dark triad’. Also look up what Dr. Robert has to say on the subject.

Re: Disorder of some kind??

I usually worry about such silly and obviously stupid things I can do a little research and easily dismiss it, But with this I got a little bit too worried and went over the top, But I suppose thats just something that I could work on. I have found that instead of suppresing trouble-some thoughts that sometimes confronting them and really focusing on what im worrying about that I can realise how obsurd what Im thinking is.
But I didn't think Psychopaths could experience much sympathy, or even to a level that makes them behave :)
I have tried asking a Psychopath if he experiences sympathy and I asked it in a way that seemed very rude and didn't get a really nice reply, but then again I wouldn't like random people emailing me asking me if I feel empathy and what It feels like. :)
I've heard alot, that Psychopaths never get worried if they're Psychopaths because they have never experienced anything different.
But, really without seeming gay, Thank you so so much.

Re: Disorder of some kind??

But, really without seeming gay, Thank you so so much.

LMAO! You're welcome.

Re: Disorder of some kind??

Ecce Homo - Do you know why Psychopaths dont worry about being psychopaths? Some say they dont experience anxiety... do all psychopaths lack anxiety/worry? If so, why? Thanks, and good posts :)

Re: Disorder of some kind??

Ecce Homo - Do you know why Psychopaths dont worry about being psychopaths? Some say they dont experience anxiety... do all psychopaths lack anxiety/worry? If so, why? Thanks, and good posts :)

Well of course, not being one myself I can’t be sure. My best guess is that a person who is afraid of being a psychopath is a person who thinks that this way of being is something bad, awful, an unenviable fate. Zabava for instance might find the idea of being without a conscience or of seeming to be unable to love, a fate worse than death. A psychopath on the other hand would not find the conscienceless way of being horrible because he lives it every day. He functions just fine, as far as he’s concerned. Why would the psychopath fear the absence of emotions that he has never experienced to begin with? Also, people who say they are psychopaths, especially on this forum, seem to find the state of being most normals routinely experience as somehow contemptible, not something to be wanted or clung to, which is the exact opposite viewpoint Zabava was talking about in his comments.

What do you think Toby? Agree? Disagree? Why do you ask? And by the way, thank you for the kind words!

Re: Disorder of some kind??

I agree, It make perfect sense. 100%!
I probably should have been able to come to that conclusion myself but, what can I say?, I'm slow. :)
And I was just wondering because I can't seem to rap my head around not being afraid of not experiencing emotions. But liek you said it makes sense, they've never experienced anything different, me and you wouldn't wake up fearing our emotions..But aren't what makes life worth living? Or at least to an extent?

Re: Disorder of some kind??

I'm slow. :)

Balderdash! :-) You sound like you move at just the right speed to me.

But aren't what makes life worth living?

Hmmm. Thank you for asking Toby. Your question gave me the opportunity to briefly meditate on this question for myself. What came to mind after a short internal examination were questions of my own. Do I need emotions to make life worth living? Do I need anything at all to make life worth living? Curiously, the “answer” to those questions for me was no. I looked out my window and I noticed the trees swaying in the wind and I experienced a sense of uplift. I took a deep breath and was filled with gratitude for merely being alive, to notice, to feel, to see, to hear. I am surrounded by so much love too! Everything, and I literally mean everything, is a gift to me right now. Do emotions make life worth living? Sure they do. But so does their absence. So does a leaf dancing on the concrete as the air moves it to and fro. So does the laughter of friends and the arguments of family. I could go on and on, but you get the gist. The entirety of the universe itself, precisely as it is in this very moment, makes life worth living to me.

Thanks once again for asking Toby! Your question helped me to really lift my spirits from peaceful to joy!

Re: Disorder of some kind??

Thats probably the best answer I've ever been given to anything - EVER.
Just looking over some peoples posts here, I cant help but feel sympathy for them (I'm probably the only person I know who can feel sympathy for serial killers)
I just cannot comprehend how even lacking conscience they can so easily just not care about others. You know?
And thanks, If only I got a thanks everytime I asked a question on here I would be so happy.
Thank you for you reply. Must go its 2 in the morning here :)
PS: Re-reading that just noticed how you sound like a poet... (Not meaning to be offensive)