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Re: Question for the community

Thank you for all the terrific responses, everyone!

I believe I have received the answer to my question; I've another one but I believe it would be a little off-topic to introduce it here. I will create another topic for that later on.

Lastly, to answer your question, Whitewolf:

A question for others. When you fight do you feel a mindset change? Like when you smash your first into someones face or slam them into the ground. Do you feel a sort of desire to hurt them more? As if it feels good to hurt them. It feels right. How can it feel so good if it's wrong? My guess is it's karma.

I do not feel any particular mindset change, nor do I feel good about it. Of course it would depend on why exactly I would hit them in the first place. Since I do not - at least consciously - provoke any violence, I would do it out of self-defense. In such a case, I would probably feel fear. Nothing else.