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my husband and my mother

hello my name is pam, i have been married to my husband for almoust 2 years, when we use to live in our own apartment we use to be such a happy couple. about a year and chance ago we move into my mothers apartment, i notice a change on my husband. someone how he stared been a little cold with me, and not so cold with my mom. im 26 years old and theres a 14 year difference between my husband and i, and a 13 years difference between my husband and my mother. he does things for her that ive notice that when i ask him to do then he has a problem doing then, like i ask him a few times to pick me up from my job, he was at home doing nothing, and he said no, that he wa tired and didnt wasnt to drive all the way to my job, meanwhile, he offer to take my mother to her job wich is the same distace maybe a little longer then my job for almoust the whole summer, and still do that every ones in while. when we wake up every morning, he doesnt say a word to me, he wakes up usually before me, he takes a shower and even if i walk in the bathroom doesnt say a word to me, yet when he gets o the kitchen where my mother is ussually cooking or doing something, he says good morning with a smile on his face a kiss and a hug. not to mention many nights where he spend any where between 2 to 4 hours talking to her, when he sometimes has nothing to say to me, when we are all talking and she interrupt me, he saids nothing, but when i interrupt her he cuts me off and says to me,"wait let the lady finish", tonight im in my room, have been for 2 1/2 hours alone because he has been in the kitchen talking to her all this time. i want to know if this is normal, AND IF IS NOT WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT. THANK YOU

Re: my husband and my mother

Sounds like your husband has the hots for mom. That is normal in a way. After all men and women do get the hots for each other. You should ask him. If he does, you may need to change your living arrangements.