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Islam and Suicide

Dr. Robert--

I just finished reading your letter to the boy who wants to kill himself. I wish everyone could read that piece, especially all the muslims in the world. Thanks for writing that, Doctor.

Re: Islam and Suicide

Thanks, Ernesto--

I like that one myself, and I do hope my words will serve the young man who wrote to me for help.

Be well,


Re: Islam and Suicide

I agree with ernesto and doug. Everyone should read this. It's the best thing I have read about religion, especially Islam, for a long time if ever. Good illustrations too. I like the way you laid out a background first to deprogram him from his indoctrination, and then told him that he has a choice. You offered him freedom. I hope he takes it.

Re: Islam and Suicide

Yeah. I like this one too. Imagine the mental pain that guy must be going through and all because he was born in Pakistan.