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My husband wants to be with me for wrong reasons

I have a serious problem. I am a foreign medical graduate from Pakistan and I am here to do my residency. My husband and I got married last year I have known him for 3 years now. At first when we started to date he said he wanted to date only for 6 months since he was finishing school and was not sure where he will land up. I am conservative but even after knowing that i continued the relationship. We had several ups and downs and he married me last year for giving me health insurance since we were living together and he was helping me untill my licensing test gets over.

I have 2 big test coming up in about a month. right before Valentines day he wants to tell me that if i dont pass the test he wont be able to continue this relationship. Now a bit about him. He is a lawyer and is working as a public defender in a very small town. He graduated in top 20% of his class but cause of his social problems he landed up in crappy job. I was his first gf. He is very insensitive but this was off the limit.

He expects me to continue the relationship. What should i do???Break up or continue. I still need his help before i can get done with my steps and apply for residency. I dont have family here and my job barely pays for my test at the moment.

Also he told me the only reason he is with me is if i am able to practice as a licensed physician in US

I feel like I am stuck....

Re: My husband wants to be with me for wrong reasons

Stop talking with him about your relationship. Take the tests and pass them. Finish your medical studies, and when you get liscenced them leave him without giving any warning.
He is using you, and you are using him. When you are less dependent on others, and more capable of supporting your own dreams, then you can have love to offer and be able to freely accept love. Until then, you are both each other's slaves.

Re: My husband wants to be with me for wrong reasons

Very good advice, spotsy. Direct, to-the-point, honest, and helpful. Well done.

Be well,