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Sexual Health

I am a 18 year old male who has been having an extreme amount of problem with my erection. I started dating my beautiful girlfriend 2 months ago and we have become very intimate with each other. However, overstimulation of my penis seems to cause alot of pre *** to develop which causes me to lose my erection. It is impossible to have sex because by the time we fool around enough to get to that stage, it is soft. Would seeing a doctor, getting medications, or doing anything else let me have sex??? It's really frustrating and I appreciate your time.

Re: Sexual Health

If I understood your problem correctly - you can try
1. use a thicker condom, or use two at once
2. get a numbing cream like lidocaine to apply to the very tip of your penis
3. try arousing your girlfreind first, before you even let her touch you
4. do a web search for "preventing premature ejactulation", you'll find alot
If I didnt understand you right, then sorry
Most general doctors probably dont know too much about this. If this doesnt help, try to see a urologist, they get these questions all the time.