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is something wrong with me?

All I really want to know is weather or not there is something wrong with me.

I may have trouble tying to explain but I shal try my best.

Firstly I feel fractured or divided my be the word, the different parts conflict. Part of me knows that I am human and fragile while the other part thinks I am an immortal and unable to die. I am willing to simply disregard my friends or use them for my own gain and keep them so I don't get lonely, Yet I keep them "sweet" and appear to show empathy not because I understand how they feel but because it is what is done. Many members of my family have died but I have never felt any real loss or had to grieve. Over the last 3 months I have watched a snake slowly die of starvation and dehydration, I felt no joy over the matter but no guilt or sorrow for the animal either yet I know that I should. I care little for anything and feel little passion for any activity, I feel positive emotions and have a somewhat sunny disposition most of the time but adversely violent thoughts come easily, I feel attraction towards women but am unsure weather or not it is genuine or desperation to not be alone while another part of me believes I do not deserve to be with someone and would be happy to live alone in a cave.

Re: is something wrong with me?

Why does something have to be "wrong"? Maybe that's just the way you are, and you have to accept it, live with it, and even groove with it.

I wish you luck.