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Re: Bad Phrasing

The Catalyst
Many who read this will most likely agree that it is the nature of people to hate and fear what they do not understand. I am fully aware that Psychopaths, Sociopaths and what-nots, cannot stop their behavior, whether it be torture, manipulation or nasal rape(my cousin). However, I have noticed people with mental disorders referring to others with the same disorder/problem as "Us" or "We", someone without a mental disorder may feel very threatened by this simple phrasing. It SEEMS as if the user of this phrasing is not aware of what they are implying. The overwhelmed feeling the "Normal" person experiences may forever be associated with people of the such disorder. Thus "confirming" their stereotype and perpetuating it.

i read somewhere that psychopaths are not different from other people, they just have exaggerated personality traits. but society labels everything, it makes things easier, in all aspects of life. its like when you met a new fatty girl, you label her as "low self-estime" and dont talk to her, because that will cause more problems in the future (depression issues, feeling bad about being fat blah blah). if i see a poor friend, i try not to invite him to my house, because i know that its more probably that he steals something, or start being dependent on me (asking for cigarretes, asking for beer) labeling people and being elitist makes thing easier.

each psycopath is different, but not because of that each one should be named different.

but you are right, since i confirmed my dark triad personality, im living a happier life, going to the edges, and being more selfish, narcisist, than i was before knowing it. i hurt more people feelings than before, because i didnt know before that i had this "kind of power" to not felt guilt when i take what i want. but i dont regret, in fact im very thankful to dr robert's forum because i have been more "in touch with myself" lately.