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Thanks to the help of a very kind Cajun amigo, the Dr. Robert Forum is back, better than ever, at:

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Belief: What Is It, and From Where Does It Come?

This forum has evolved beautifully,
having become a meeting place for intelligent, honest conversation
about interesting matters. I am impressed also with the civility and
cordiality evinced by contributors here, which seem to me to be of a
higher level than I have seen on other unmoderated, totally open
discussion boards. Yes, there have been a couple of exceptions to
this gentility, but flamers and fools don't seem able to gain
much of a foothold here.

I would be interested in hearing some
replies to this question:

What does it mean to believe
something? When you look with honesty into your own mind, what do you
believe, and what is the root source of those beliefs?

Be well.