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Re: Opinion: Is sociopathy hereditary, caused by the environment or caused by something else entirel

IMO, "sociopathy" or "secondary psychopathy" as a personality disorder, is environmentally created as a defense mechanism used by very young children who have a temperament that predisposed them to the development of the disorder under a certain type of environmental circumstance. Due to early "alternative" brain development, this tends to remain a permanent disorder.

IMO Psychopathic personality style (as opposed to disorder), is largely genetic/biological. Environment of a youngster with such a personality does affect their future behaviour (positive or negative).

IMO Narcissistic Personality disorder develops in a child with an unusually low self-esteem, and persists in adulthood. Whether an increase in self-esteem for whatever reason corrects the narcissism, I don't know.

Just my current opions, open to correction, and not in particular reference to anyone on this board ;)