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I would like to hear opinions on how exactly we determine one's intelligence. I have seen many people being called "exremely sharp" or "wise" for various reasons, some which I agree with, some which I strongly disagree with. Whereas one could see an old aboriginal as a very wise person, one could see him as a misled fool.

I try not to judge people as unintelligent or intelligent, but sometimes I find myself doing that without even noticing. For instance, my view is strongly affected by one's linguistic abilities (which is a little contradictory seeing as my linguistic abilities are not perfect either). I do not think the people with flawed linguistic abilities are dumb, I simply fail to take them as seriously sometimes. I also judge cultural values a little harshly sometimes, leading to prejudices. "Rappers" are a good example of people I sometimes, without always noticing, judge as having a lower understanding of certain things. Perhaps it has something to do with education? I do not - or at least try not to - think education makes one intelligent, however. It may reflect in their way of talking or understanding. But in the end I believe it is merely a learned behaviour(rather than perhaps truly understood), one can be just as intelligent with close to no education as one with years of education.

Anyhow, discuss your personal way of judging people's intelligence.

Ps. If you judge people by being able to make logical observations/deductions, remember to mention whether it is reasoning in-general, or reasoning which leads to the same conclusion as you come to. One can logically come to very, very odd conclusions. Or perhaps reasoning you can identify with, but not necessarily the same reasoning as yours?

Pss. Feel free to comment Daniel, simply disregard my earlier post for now. In fact I would very much like to hear your thoughts on this as well.

Re: Intelligence

An individuals intelligence(opinion by the way, I am not stating this as fact, although it seems so)can be determined by their need to seek out information and capacity for complex thinking. Example, I left school at an early age, yet I studied any information I could procure and zealously analyzed it until a full and complete understanding was formed. I have very little official public education, yet I am a very high marked student in college. Any disagreements or comments?