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Re: Fear

Daniel Birdick
Hmm. Funny how a non-Xtian links a Xtian site refuting evolution as a “junk science”. Yeah Lega, we’re done. Go bother someone else with your disingenuous inanity.
YOUR not can say DONE after does SAYING last coment. it be CHEATING.

and because you DOES get anoyed BY mine SAYING about god i DID readed (and did DISCUSED with friend) that maybe YOURS wants to deny GOD because you DONT wants to believe. but DEEP DOWN there still maybe SPARK that does wants to BE SAVED and also DOES wants me to let HELP me CURES you. also you did SAYED:
Daniel Birdick
like is there a god after all, or is there any kind of life after death.
so that DOES proves it... if you DOSE feel BAD or UNCOMFORTABLE about mine questions then i DOES respects that and i ALSO does says i hope you DOES be cured. BUT if you does still wants HELPS then does replies and i DOES still helps you. you not NEEDS do it now because i CAN helps later too. just asks.

Re: Fear

What a trip

Re: Fear

He's going to "cure" you.

/ma "cure" ?

You're infected! Like a zombie.

What if we get possessed by the devil? Can that be cured? Or wait... perhaps we are?

Re: Fear

your DOSENT be INFECTED or does be DEVIL possesed. YOUR does spirit has HURTED and that MUST does HEALED. sory i DOESNT know how else to EXPLAINS it but you MUSTS believes me. ACTUALY does one CAN says your DOES be posesed by the DEVIL but it not actualy POSESSED by devil only DOES in SYMBOL.

if YOURS dosent interested in CHURCH or OTHER RELIGION THING then maybe DOES talks to YOURS family about it? i DOESNT knows if that DOES helps as well as THEM talking to GOD does but maybe does GIVES it try?