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A conscience is simply learned Behaviour..

I have been trying to learn more about myself because of the thoughts I have and the way I am.. In short I think I have figured out that I am a Psychopath.

Furthermore, I dont see how anyone can truely feel anything. I sometimes think I feel sad or sometimes I think I feel love.

In fact I do think I love my wife.

But its kind of like a knowledge thing... Everything is conditional. People "CLAIM" they have unconditional love, I dont believe unconditional love exists... Think about it... If one of your kids raped and murdered their sibling.... Would you still love them?

I dont think I would.

If your spouse killed your children would you still love that spouse? I know I wouldnt.

If you were taught growing up that you should hit dogs in the head with a metal bat and cook them, and you were taught thats a good thing, you would not feel guilty about it. People feel guilty and people feel remorse because thats what they have been tought to feel.

In reality I think everyone is just like me... I think everyone who does something they are not suppose to really feels bad that they got caught but to "save face" they claim they feel guilty for what they did. But do you really feel guilty, or just wish you had not gotten caught?

Re: A conscience is simply learned Behaviour..

People do indeed feel genuine guilt, although it is what they were programmed to feel. Long ago there was a man, or group of men who desired power over other people. But with the people that they wanted to control acting how their instinct dictated, they could hold no power. And so was the creation of law, what abides by the law is dubbed "Right", and logically, everything else was called "Wrong". Religion only reinforced this system. So conscientiousness is not a "learned" system, but a pre-programed system that usually activates simultaneously with sentience.

By the way, you sound more like a Sociopath.

Re: A conscience is simply learned Behaviour..

UNCODITIONAL love DOES exists and God did CREATED conscience. i WOULD still loved them. THEIRS not faults it because did SOMETHING happened. NO ONE does be evil from STARTS. and no ONE does is all EVIL them DOES goodness exists still. always.

i WOULD feeled GUILTY about hiting them DOGS with metal bats TOO if EVEN was teached not FEEL. and you DOES feels really guilty TOO but not maybe KNOWS it. it not possible NOT feel guilty.


Re: A conscience is simply learned Behaviour..

You can not form such an opinion unless you have experienced the exact scenario you have stated, this fact has rendered every other opinion in your post useless.