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Re: Fear


I did something today that could get me into a fair amount of trouble if I had been caught and I won’t be going into any details for obvious reasons. I wasn’t caught of course. But I noticed that my body was doing the slight increase in heart rate thing and I had to take deeper breaths. I also noticed the thoughts that appeared within my mind while these physiological changes were occurring. I asked myself if I was feeling afraid? I sat with it for a moment. The answer was no because there was a sense of pleasure as well. I decided that I was excited by the exercise of freedom I was experiencing while deliberately breaking the rules. It’s akin to duping delight. I can see how one can get “addicted” to the rush that comes with playing outside of the rules. I can also see how people might think of me as “fearless” if they did what I did today and all they ended up doing was taking a couple of deep breaths in response to mild excitement.

My reason for bringing this episode up was to emphasize the increase in heart rate and change in breathing I experienced, which I used to associate with fear. Now I think those symptoms are just generalized, all purpose arousal signs, which, if I understand the others who contributed to this thread correctly, is not fear as it is commonly experienced. Fear appears to be a far more complex experience than the basic fight/flight/freeze (FFF) response. It is this complexity that I (and perhaps you?) am missing. Then again, I also suspect that how those base physiological responses show up vary from person to person depending on his/her genetic makeup. If fear is more than the basic FFF response, then one could say that for all practical purposes, “we” are fearless. I said that before in a previous comment, but I don’t know if I believe that. After all, I still experience physical changes in the presence of a perceived threat. That’s good enough to call fear I think, even if the complex cognitive aspect is missing. So my tentative conclusion is that this is the real difference between those without much of a conscience and those who have normal consciences with regard this question. We are missing whole levels of rumination in relation to fear and quite frankly our FFF response dial is turned down in comparison to the norm. Not off. Just down.

Anyway Diego, I think your comments are for the most part on point, although I would merely add that the roots of fear must extend further back in our evolutionary history since many other animal species exhibit physiological signs (FFF response) that we associate with fear also. And I also think you are correct to point out that the original reasons for installing the FFF response in all of us are no longer operative in modern society. Fear is useful to be sure, otherwise none of us would have it.

Re: Fear

god did created FEAR. what i DOES be interested is BE that you cans WIN fear with other EMOTION does you THINK that be? THEM does like LOVE or ANGRYNESS and then yours can even BEND steel sometimes if you DOES gets angry enough.

what YOUR opinions is?

Re: Fear

Seriously Lega, comprehending what you are saying is difficult. So I am going to go ahead and translate what I think you are saying and respond to that. You are saying that god created fear (easy enough). Then you move to ask if fear can be managed and/or overcome with other emotions. And perhaps you are concluding with a question about the strength of other potentially overpowering emotions, like love or anger.

What is my opinion? Obviously I do not believe in any kind of god. Emotions have their origin, like everything else considered human, in our evolutionary history. Believing in a god and evolution is not necessarily a contradiction in terms, by the way. It often is in practice, however. Do I think fear can be overcome using other emotions? You know what? I don’t think so. I think a person can rapidly switch between emotions, like anger or excitement and fear, but I don’t know if the fear response can be completely turned off using other feelings. I’m talking about the basic FFF response and not anxiety or lighter versions of fear. And finally, are other emotions stronger than fear… Actually, I’d say no for the most part. My guess is that no emotion overcomes fear once it gets going because nothing truly overcomes our natural instinct towards self preservation. Fear is tied to our will to survive at almost all costs. And by self preservation, I am also referring to the genes. Genes are what survive from one generation to the next in the form of copies and to that end, parents and other relatives are programmed to at least be willing to sacrifice themselves to preserve those copies (children).

Re: Fear

your DOESNT actualy believe in that EVOLUTION JUNK? you should READS this

AND also in MINE parts LOVE and ANGRYNESS can overcomes fear. for EXAMPLES when i DID watched one HOROR movie and where did BAD MENS killed people i did THINK scared but then i DID thinked they be ACTUALY just SAD peoples who done gotted HURTS. then i did NOT scared anymore.

and ONE TIME when did peoples WITH KNIFES tryed robbing PEOPLES i did SCARED first but then i DID thinked their is gona DO that SAME things to everyone and GETS very angry and kicked their ASSES and did gived them to POLICE.

Re: Fear

your DOESNT actualy believe in that EVOLUTION JUNK? you should READS this

Hmm. Funny how a non-Xtian links a Xtian site refuting evolution as a “junk science”. Yeah Lega, we’re done. Go bother someone else with your disingenuous inanity.

Re: Fear

Daniel Birdick
Hmm. Funny how a non-Xtian links a Xtian site refuting evolution as a “junk science”. Yeah Lega, we’re done. Go bother someone else with your disingenuous inanity.
YOUR not can say DONE after does SAYING last coment. it be CHEATING.

and because you DOES get anoyed BY mine SAYING about god i DID readed (and did DISCUSED with friend) that maybe YOURS wants to deny GOD because you DONT wants to believe. but DEEP DOWN there still maybe SPARK that does wants to BE SAVED and also DOES wants me to let HELP me CURES you. also you did SAYED:
Daniel Birdick
like is there a god after all, or is there any kind of life after death.
so that DOES proves it... if you DOSE feel BAD or UNCOMFORTABLE about mine questions then i DOES respects that and i ALSO does says i hope you DOES be cured. BUT if you does still wants HELPS then does replies and i DOES still helps you. you not NEEDS do it now because i CAN helps later too. just asks.

Re: Fear

What a trip

Re: Fear

He's going to "cure" you.

/ma "cure" ?

You're infected! Like a zombie.

What if we get possessed by the devil? Can that be cured? Or wait... perhaps we are?

Re: Fear

your DOSENT be INFECTED or does be DEVIL possesed. YOUR does spirit has HURTED and that MUST does HEALED. sory i DOESNT know how else to EXPLAINS it but you MUSTS believes me. ACTUALY does one CAN says your DOES be posesed by the DEVIL but it not actualy POSESSED by devil only DOES in SYMBOL.

if YOURS dosent interested in CHURCH or OTHER RELIGION THING then maybe DOES talks to YOURS family about it? i DOESNT knows if that DOES helps as well as THEM talking to GOD does but maybe does GIVES it try?