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Re: I have become a jealous person and I want to overcome it

"BUT, in return, she needs to respect your status as her girlfriend, and not only put you first, but also be open about her friendship with the girl. Perhaps even ask her to arrange that you can all meet for drinks, that she can visually put your mind at ease. "

love is a thing you give without expecting something in return. that part that i quoted says "im insecure and i think that you are going to leave me for another girl, so please let me have you controlled"

i think you shouldn't tell her that you are feeling jealous. if you say that part that xtine said, she will know that you are feeling jealous and insecure, don't do that. thats unattractive and only will cause more problems. in my advice, work on yourself, your confidence and your self-esteem as i said. the problem here is your feelings, not your partner. if you turn the tables, you will be able to have her again so attracted to you, that she wont need to see other friends. act like nothing is happening, be confident. step back a little!

love works in illogical ways, the more that you love someone, the more that they run away. we developed most of our human feelings and senses in times of the cavern, and we learned that we have to run for anything that is chasing us. but if something runs away from us, we have the tendency to follow it. thats the cool part.


Re: I have become a jealous person and I want to overcome it

I came across a link that might help you Morgan: