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Re: 3 things i did as a sociopath this year and that made the world a better place to live. :P

who say they are dangerous? you learn the best from the bad experiences. you have to be positive people!!

so since i know i dont have a conscience and that i can do what i want (one month ago i think) i have tried a lot of stuff on people. i find a lot of pleassure to control other people actions, makes me feel powerful and laugh of them. thats why i think no psychologist can help a sociopath to be a "nice person" because the more you know, the more that you start to be a pain in the *ss.

so, i met this girl the first of january. she had a boyfriend who started to act rude with her and she was complaining about him. so i say stuff like:

"he cares so much about you, that everything in life is meaningless without you. you are the only way to make him good, and without you he knows that hes nothing, he is worthless. you cant blame on him, he only doesnt have anything, he NEEDS you. "
(if you dont get it, im pretending to be talking good about him, but in fact im just saying to her how pathetic is him)

well, saying this, the girl started to rationalize it, and after 30 mins we had a great make-up that night. no sex. she said she wasnt just ready.

1st thing: i saved her from her psycho-boyfriend (hahaha) she broke up with him.

we started to hang out, and she started to get clingy, she started to throw me indirects about being in a relationship, etc. but i didnt want a relationship with her, i just wanted sex. so when we were kissing in my bed i said to her something like"

"you know what i like a lot about you? that we can kiss, make up, and do whatever our bodies want to, and you are not like other girls asking me to be in a relationship. you are such a great girl, you just let the moment happen"

after that, she accepted to "let me in" so here we have:

2nd thing: i saved her to be in a relationship with a sociopath, and i gave her wild orgasms (bonus).

now i dont want to see her again, its time for a new girl, maybe later when im in a crisis of girls i will call her again, but theres no promise.

3rd thing: she will learn from the best, that she cant trust guys, which will make her a stronger girl, and the next guy that wants to just f*ck her, she will not allow that. she will be a strong and independent girl.

you just have to be positive about life. i think.
i just feel great today and want to share this history and my thoughts.

Gloating about your immoral actions? Claiming to be the best... LMFAO!!
So young and stupid. Spare me your inexperienced ego.

They learn a lot more through kindness than use and abuse. All you have really achieved is the confirmation of their fears. That sociopaths are bad people. That view.. supported by your admitted actions.

Also you assume to much when dealing with others.

Re: 3 things i did as a sociopath this year and that made the world a better place to live. :P

well, you took this post really serious. i think you got offended. i just tough that this forum is full of troubles, problems, that i will post something funny and stupid.
yes, im young and besides i dont see the consecuences, but i enjoy the life. and whats the purpose of life if its not enjoying it? i know even 2 sociopath girls, that have just used me for "status" or whatever. but i dont get upset. i just learn from them. and enjoy them while i have them.

girls of my age really dont know what is on their minds, they just have a lot of emotions, but they cant rationalize them. so i assume things that i know that maybe they are wrong, but girls believe them.
this only shows how people of my age can be easily manipulated in to doing what i want them to do.

but you are right, now that i read again the post, i felt yesterday very like a narcisist jerk, but thats how you feel when you have a life with a lot of superficial stuff.


Re: 3 things i did as a sociopath this year and that made the world a better place to live. :P

Lol) I think you did good. I myself cant stand girls who cry about being abused and not doing a sh*t to change that. Now she definetly learned her lesson.
Santa`s happy now for sure!
Carry on with the good deeds!

Re: 3 things i did as a sociopath this year and that made the world a better place to live. :P

YOU does should APOLOGIZES. now.