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Roommate and his Adopted Nephew

My boyfriend adopted his 16 yr old nephew (now 3 months shy of turning 18) and they both live in my home with me. I consented to this arrangement 2 yrs ago when the adoption was initiated. I knew then that adopted kids have emotional issues and we both attended parenting classes (mandatory to adopt). His nephew is sometimes rebellious, sometimes peaceful. When they have a confrontation/dispute over anything, sometimes my belongings either get broken or damaged by his nephew while in a fit of anger. Sometimes the two of them get physical with one another too. I know both of us went into this adoption together, but i am not really into this. I don't want my belongings damaged while he/they are in a confrontation with one another. I have called the police 2 times on his nephew. They only have spoken to him about his actions. My boyfriend can't afford to move out because he can't afford it. I feel like i am stuck for the next 3 months until his nephew turns 18. If i am stuck, he will be out on the day he turns 18. Am i missing something ???? Please give me advice.
I see some of this conflict between them as just typical disciplinary issues one has with any teenager, but i also see some of this confict between them as an extension of their dysfunctional family. P.S. his nephew has gone over to his moms' home in the past for a few days at a time, but that doesn't work out because she has her own issues. And my boyfriend and his nephews' mom don't get along (sister brother conflict)

Re: Roommate and his Adopted Nephew

Hello Eric. My advice is that you decide what you want and make it happen. If peace and a drama free home is what you want, then you have to lay down the law since it’s your home. You tell your boyfriend and his nephew that they will either get some kind of conflict/anger management training so that they learn how to disagree in a way that doesn’t damage your home or your emotional equilibrium, or they have to go. If you anticipate feeling guilty for presenting this ultimatum, be proactive, do some research, find some cognitive techniques that will help you manage your painful feelings. Finally, take responsibility for your own emotional state. You bought this drama into your life and only you can fix it.