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Re: Primary and secondary sociopaths

I find that many sites on the internet talk of all so-called sociopaths as the same type of people. Even the DSM lumps all "anti-social personalities" together. I've read of primary and secondary sociopaths and I'm curious about your thoughts. Surely the low anxiety, less emotional, more logic primary sociopath is a **** site safer to be around than some non-sociopaths. And the secondary sociopath, a product of environment, high anxiety, unpredictable and dangerous? Just curious.

also sociopaths that have their sexual desires/ preference perverted by environmental influences also play a big role.

Re: Primary and secondary sociopaths

Good point, Lok. I didn't know **** was a bad word, makes me feel like **** rebel :-p

Re: Primary and secondary sociopaths

I only have a moment to post.

It's sad to be primary and then have a bunch of seconds dumped in a group with you. Those secondarys are the tortured waste of society.

Yeah, thats fair.

In turn let me add all the psychotic people to the normal list and declare you all dangerous.

Sounds like a fair exchange.