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alone how?

HELLO i have a lot of problems but i and my mom think that it's all because of people around me i gain freindes easily but i lose them easily too because i'm different i don't like there talks lies bad wordes this kind of things which make the persone successful in social relationship i m more seren whene i m alone but i need sometimes someone to feel my pain to help me but i never find even in my own familly i tryed to to have some freindes since 4 years and il was a desaster they destroyed me completely now i truste no one my mom sais that i must try to find a hasband but i don't want because i don't want someone to make my life more meserable than it is ,i don't have freinds and i face life alone now but i try to help everyone who needs me because i m sensitive towards people but i feel bad because i have nothing in return, it's strange question but i just want to know how can we live alone without pain thanks Dr.

Re: alone how?

you prob have social anxiety