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It comes from child hood, never had much love, attention, and always being screamed at. Today it is two mohns I do not speak to my family because I have anger inside me, when I am near them I get very nervous and aggressive. I have thought too much for others, forgetting myself only to find there is no one there for me now not even family!!!

Re: Aggression

I feel the same.
I have a lot of hate and aggression for everyone including myself. It seems like everyone I ever liked has hurt me or abandoned me. I can't get close to my family either, and now I don't even want to. They mean nothing to me now.

I want to let it out, and just explode. Release all my hate, and anger that they have given me.

Re: Aggression

I know what you mean, it gets real bad sometimes that I wish some people harm. I feel like this today from being screamed at alot as a child. I feel beter when I am alone in my bubble, but the only thing that i find that happens staying alone it not that good for ourselves,,, i went into a bad depression, so i sold everything quite my job and moved to france... i came back and felt even worse, because I am trying to run away from everything that hurts me or gets me ****** off that I go black. I did it again after one year, got bored and moved to central amercia and came back after a year and got even more depressed, so i decided to stay here, get stable, make money have my own place and decided to control my life and if there would be anyone to step on my shoes, well they are going to deal with the strongert person that I became!!!