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Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............


Morbid and perverted? I'm not into gore, I'm introvertive and hate the emotional instability of gay people. Men with the emotions of women... Forfill your fetish at gurochan or something.

I don't think you are a psychopath at all. I know my kind. Getting gripped by the extrovertive insecurities of emotionally being alone doesn't sound fitting for an anti social personality. Seek out others to socialize with but never to be controlled. I am a natural psychopath. A warrior by design. There is no doubt nature intended me to be a defender of these normal people. To protect them and their fragile feelings from the scary monsters they sheep away from. I would rather die fighting! While others flee we are the warriors that stand their ground.[/quote]

What the hell are you talking about. You're a warrior good for you. I would never die for another or waste my time to protect them.

I'm a leech, and a parasite. I don't understand anything about myself. Why do I have this strong desire to follow a person to my death. It's in my brain like I have to do this.

Why do I think about harming others for joy. You don't like gore? Well I do. I think about killing for sport or other stuff like torture, cannibalism; world domination. haha. =/
I thought about this **** since I became a teen. I know I am a ******* monster, and don't belong in this world with normal people.

But why. Is it nature? I don't understand.
Why am I not human like everyone else. Why Do I want them extinct, and gone, and away from me forever.

I miss my friend a lot...=(

You are lucky person I guess. You understand yourself, and your purpose in life. I am still lost.


Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

Anthony, you weren’t responding to me, but since I’m at work and it’s a Monday morning and I’m bored already…

You say you “have” to follow someone to your death. You sound like a slave to me, someone imprisoned by their own impulses. If you truly wanted to follow someone else to your death, why haven’t you joined the military? There are plenty of people there who would be more than happy to use you as cannon fodder. Plus, depending on which branch of the military you joined, you’d have the government’s permission and even support, to maim and kill other people. Then again, if you’re young, then you might not be old enough to join the military. If what you are saying is about your desires is true, then the military is a good option for you.

Meanwhile, if you’re just looking for thrills and would also like to avoid jail, well look for them. Just be careful. Your posts make it sound like being careful isn’t one of your strong suits though.

And might I add that it also sounds as if you read some characteristics of “psychopaths”, noticed that you didn’t feel as if you are one of the normals, put two and two together and decided you must be a psychopath. Don’t jump to hasty conclusions. You’re young, aren’t you? You’re either young in age or young in mind or of course both. You haven’t thought this through. At least you’re clear enough to see that you don’t understand yourself. If you don’t understand yourself, you won’t understand anything else in your life. Realizing that you’ll never be one of “them” is one of the costs of being what you are (if it’s really true that you are without a normal conscience). But there are benefits as well. Whitewolf was being somewhat hyperbolic in his response, but he said some things that were on point and the fact that you didn’t see that means that you aren’t what you say you are, or you are but you’re too young in one way or the other to grasp his meaning.

Bottom line whether you’re a so called psychopath or not: free yourself from your own impulses. Gain inner control. Then focus on what it is you want. If you truly need someone to tell you what to do then you are weak and that weakness makes you vulnerable. I don't mean that as an insult; it's merely an observation. If you're being honest about your desires (and I'm not sure you are), harness them, focus them like a laser onto achieving your objectives. This focus can only occur with internal control. Only when you gain power of yourself will you be able to gain power over others. I've learned this the hard way.

Final thought: if none of what I've said clicks with you and you're just a garden variety thug (or even worse, a wannabe thug), then by all means, go rob a liquor store or something. Get shot at. You'll go down in a blaze of mediocrity. That's as good a way to die as any.

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

I see no future for myself so I am trying to grasp anyone, and let them build one for me.
My friend laid one out. He had ideas, and plans and wanted me to be apart of them. He gave me a reason to live.

I know I am weak, not smart, and not strong. My human body sucks. Alone I feel useless, and I can't scar this earth by myself.

I can't even understand whitewolfs post by myself, and I had to google hyperbolic. Gosh I am so stupid. I might as well die, and do the world a favor.

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

Ok Anthony, you’re either being sarcastic, in which case, I am amused, or you’re a depressive with severe self esteem issues.

If you’re being serious, then answer me this: how old are you? If you’re yanking my chain, well then party on dude.

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

I'm 23 yrs old.

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

I don’t know what to tell you man other than god helps those who help themselves. I don’t believe in god, but you get the gist. Taking responsibility for your own well being is the only way to go. The choice is always yours. Purpose is never given or discovered, it is chosen. Even when you think someone else is giving you purpose, the reality is, you are choosing that purpose. That is the way of it. It’s all about you.

And you are lying to yourself. If you truly wanted to follow, you’d have joined the army, where you’d not only be told what to do, you’d get to hurt, maim and kill on the government’s dime and with the people’s blessings. Or if not that, then you’d be doing something else, like I don’t know, hurting, maiming and killing people in your spare time. But you’re not. There’s a reason action speaks louder than words. People’s actions tell me what they truly believe and not their words. If posting a comment here is about the only action you’ve taken, and we both know that it is, then I suggest you stop kidding yourself about what you say you want. Somehow, you are being served by your hatred. What’s the payoff? Believe me, there is one. If you want to be free, even if it’s just to follow someone else, then you must see past the haze of anger and hatred that clouds your judgment, and you do that by being ruthlessly honest with yourself.

You won’t do that though, will you? Most people don’t. You will act as sheep so often act; you will retreat within your self created prison of hate, where you feel safe. Sure, it hurts, but at least it’s familiar. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t and all that good ****, right?

(By the way, that is hysterical that my curse word is **** out. Truly awesome and oh so typical. Ah absurdity, how I love thee!)

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

why are you helping him? and i didn't know sociopaths were oblivious to pain. Antony you need to soul search.

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

If law is standing in your way then to some minor degree you have compasion and remorse. To say you are a Sociopath and then act like it makes you a bad person "I dont care if they kill more or tell me to do bad stuff" (IE) is a misrepresentation. A sociopath is not a bad person in any way shape or form. Rather, they are an outsider who see's things based on logic instead of emotionally and on what society sees as the norm. A normal person would have a moral objection to killing a person period. A sociopath would see it based on more a numbers game. (If he were to die more people would live therefore he deserves to die).

Two prime groups that ive seen that contain large bodies of sociopaths are cops and Marines. What society calls a hero is rather someone who makes the logical choice in a situation of kill or be killed, or kill or let my partners be killed.

For a sociopath its an easy choice we look at everything logically. Logically its better to have someone else die than someone you care about. We dont have the emotional problem or societies rules in our way, cause to us they make no sense.

I myself definately fit into the sociopath catagory, but I dont dream of "nasty stuff" to do. Logically doing harm unto others makes no sense. There is no gain in doing it, so why risk the punishment of your actions.

If causeing chaos is what you seek there is no logical reason to do so, and I suggest you find a supportive group to help you out.

To me someone who is over emotional and someone who is overly chaotic are just as bad. Its emotions controling what they do.

Personally Id have to say a person doing harm to others for no reason needs to be put down like a rabid dog.

You most likely are a good enough person. Stay away from those that make doing bad things sound exciting.
Guys like this are either more mentally desturbed then we are or have been beat up there whole life and want an escape.

Think for yourself and dont follow anyone.

Live your life the way you want to live it.

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

Two prime groups that ive seen that contain large bodies of sociopaths are cops and Marines.

How do you know this Michael? I'm asking not to be argumentative. I really want to know. The military makes sense for a certain type of socio/psychopath and I was recently thinking the police force fits that category as well. I’d like to hear yours or anyone else’s thoughts on how playing the role of policeman might be a surprising fit for someone without a conscience.

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

Actually I myself was in the Marine Corps Infantry and have never found a bigger group of like minded people who actually saw things the same way I do.

As for cops I am friends with quite a few police officers and sheriffs deputies who also share the same triats.

Where the lack of a consceince comes into play is the ability to make the right choice without having to see the shades of grey others see. IE the ability to shoot a killer without wondering about if he has a family or people who love him or what drove him to his circumstances.

Also the lack of an emotional connection makes it easier to see how a criminal mind thinks. Its easier for us to put ourselves in there shoes and predict thier actions.

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

Fascinating Michael. I seriously considered applying for the local PD years ago. Unfortunately, I’d also committed a felony just a few years prior. It wasn’t passed the statute of limitations at the time and I was concerned that a background check might land me in trouble, especially if a polygraph test was involved. I wasn’t convinced I could beat a polygraph so I changed my mind.

If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do now and why?

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths............. don't think or dream about doing harm to others?
How come I do? I am constantly thinking about doing nasty things.
Sometimes when I see a person the first thing in my mind is how can I dispose of this person, and get away with it.
A lot of times I don't even do this on my own. My mind just starts thinking and visualizing such things and I have to regain focus, and stop.

I feel like I have all these temptations and impulses that I have to fight against everyday.

My friend told me we are just predators, and above man on the food chain. He said it's our basic instinct to want to destroy, and hunt because it's what we are born to do. Also he was in the army before. A few people I met that say similar stuff were also in the army.

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

Anthony don't think or dream about doing harm to others?

Yes, I have some violent thoughts. They aren’t obsessive though.

How come I do?

Because you’ve got an emotional problem. You can (if you really wanted freedom) liberate yourself by battling those thoughts that are attached to out of control angry emotions directly or you can get professional help. It is possible to free yourself from painful thought habits. I speak from experience. It’s a battle worth fighting. There is no glory in being a slave to your own mind.

Anthony, you’re still lying to yourself. If you were a predator, in the sense you’re talking about anyway, you too would have 11 corpses deteriorating in your house the way Anthony Sowell of Cleveland OH had. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say there aren’t any corpses rotting away in your basement. I bet you’re here because on some level, you want help.

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

Sorry it took so long to respond.

Every human being is a predator so saying a sociopath is one to seperate them from humanity in general, is a misnomer.

And yes there are times I dream about doing harm to other but only to those who deserve it. IE murder's. Those who would kill deserve to die if they do it for no reason.

Yes we are better at killing than a normal person would be, because we have no emotional standpoint holding us back. This does not mean however that we have to become a monster.

One of the main definitions of a sociopath is following logic, not emotions or even societies laws.

Major Hasan of Fort Hood killed 13 people and wounded 30.

Personally if I was in charge of justice for him id keep him alive for 43 days shooting him in non lethal ares for 42 days and finally a head shot on the 43.

This is not out of any desire to see him suffer, rather his suffering for the amount of pain he caused would make others see that the more damage they do the more they have to pay for it and would distract people from doing the same thing as him.

If you desire to hurt people for no logical reason I can only surmise an emotional reason. A desire to feel superior or more powerful than the victims, or in the case that they hurt you in the past revenge.

Like was previously stated if you want to do harm to others for no reason, this is a seperate condition a true sociopath needs a reason IMHO.

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

Dude, you're a ******* retard. I taught sociopaths were smarter than this. I mean when you write, it's riddled with emotion.

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

Love it!!!!!

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

This conversation has wandered into strange territory. It seems to have been started by someone who is not necessarily a sociopath, but a masochist looking for a sadist to hurt him. Sado-masochism has nothing to with sociopathy (although some sociopaths can be sadistic or masochistic). All this glorifying of gore and pain is a bit sick in my opinion, and I am sorry to see that so many people apparently identify themselves as sociopaths or psychopaths simply because they are sick in that way.

I am a sociopath who found Dr. Robert's website while researching sociopathy. I had read a lot, both on the web, in elsewhere, but had never found any psychologist with an open attitude towards my kind of mind. Every other source on sociopathy seems somehow to condemn the sociopath as a criminal--not just for criminal actions, which of course some sociopaths, as well as non-sociopaths, commit, but just for being different and having a different kind of mind.

The secret to the doctor's outlook, and what makes him different from other psychologists such as Hare, is his definition of sociopathy which is not based on actions, or desires to commit actions such as some of the ones expressed in this thread, but only on whether or not someone is capable of feeling guilty. When I read that, something clicked, and I understood that human guilt, which I had always despised as foolishness or weakness, is not either foolish or weak, but is just a kind of mind, just as not feeling guilty is neither good nor bad but just a kind of mind. We sociopaths have that kind of mind. One that does not feel guilt. That is why our behavior is different. It is not controlled by guilt.

I am sorry to see so much confusion in this thread which has allowed some strange sado-masochist types to hijack sociopathy. I repeat: sociopathy has nothing to do with blood, gore, violence, or sadism of any kind.

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

I repeat: sociopathy has nothing to do with blood, gore, violence, or sadism of any kind.

Agreed. The only person suggesting that was Anthony.

Then again, there are probably uses for blood, gore, violence and sadism. Under the right circumstances, they could be used to further one's ends. Just ask any government anywhere. But yeah, utility is a seperate issue from basic definitions.

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

Excellent post! Thank you very to the point and clear.

Re: Desire to find/follow other sociopaths or psychopaths.............

Kennith Bianchi?