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Ex-GF Problem. Wanna get rid off her.

Dear Sir, myself Rahul aged 19 from WB. I had a relation for almost 4 months during my +2 studies. Now I’m in clg 3rd yr.

Briefly I’m telling something about my last relationship. I met her in a private tuition where a boy proposed her & she accepted it. After some months she broke up with him. Then after some months of her break up she told me that she takes me as her best friend. I was also comfortable with her & had some feelings for her. Then she proposed me. I told her to wait for some days. But she thought that I was already hers. I told her not to think like that. Then she did some emotional manners & I was impressed & I accepted that. I also told her some emotional words. But after accepting the proposal I felt uncomfortable as for some reasons like her family was not good, she used to speak lies often, she was older than me & such reasons. So I said her many times that it is not possible to continue the relationship. Then she told me she can’t live without me. Her family had no probs with me but my family had some. I told her mother that I can’t continue the relation. But she as well as her aunt was also not ready to see breaking my relation with her. Don’t know the reason for their such behavior. So I was continuing it. But I never felt comfortable in it. Then finally I decided to break up & never look back to my decision. She finally agreed & told my mom that she will never disturb me again.

We broke up in 2007. She didn’t disturb me in this 2 yrs(2007-2009). But now her father gifted her a mobile & she started giving me miss calls,sms. She wants me back as her friend. But I told her that I don’t want to keep any contact with her as I feel uncomfortable in it. I never respond her.

I don’t know what should I do? Is it really an offense to come out of the relation when it is uncomfortable? I’m trying to have some fresh airs excluding her. I want to live a comfy life without her. Plz give me some advices what to do.

Thnx 4 ur patience 4 listening this & thnx 4 ur advice in advance.

Re: Ex-GF Problem. Wanna get rid off her.

Hey how is going there with the ex girlfriend problem?
hope you found the solution to a happier life.

If not i really suggest you change your cell phone number; since that was the problem to begin with..
if she still bothers on seeking you, shes ether a psycho or she is incredibly sprung off you..

i really hope this is somewhat helpful to you.

Fernando D.