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Concerned about my son

For starters... my son's father was very emotionally abusive to me. That is the main reason we are no longer together. He has visitation with our son when he wants it, but always accuses me of being greedy & all kinds of stuff. He is almost $4000 behind in support & I haven't said a word. He has decided to take ME back to court, thinking the judge will lower the support order even though he hasn't attempted to make a single payment in over 5months. Well, I of course consulted my attorney letting him know I'd recieved court papers yadda yadda.

Ok, on to the issue at hand that has me so worried. Since this while court thing started My son has been having melt downs whenever he's supposed to go with his dad. My son is just barely 3yrs old. The past few times he's supposed to go with his dad he just breaks down. Throws himself to the ground as soon as he sees him, cries, & screams no. I don't know what to do, what can be done, or what is going on! I'm terrified, my son's father refuses to talk to me & will not even let me know simple things like if my son had dinner yet, if he's been using the potty. This behavior of my son is very out of the ordinary. I'm worried that something is going on to make him not want to go with his father. Please any ideas, suggestions, idk... anything will help! Thank you!!

Re: Concerned about my son

I'm sorry I didn't read this earlier. I'm not even sure if you'll see my reply. Your post really touched my heart, I'm a mother too. If that were to have been the case with my son, I probably would have video taped the child protesting and got a social worker involved. I wonder how things are going now, if all is okay with you and your little boy.