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Sociopath...only cries watching

MOVIES. I've been with this man for 30 yrs. I always wondered about him but I guess I was too STUPID and never realized he was a true sociopath/Anti-social person till it was too late.

I always believe the best of people and I've been used and abused because of it. Anyway...just to get to my question.

Looking back over 30 yrs I've never seen my husband cry over the loss of a family member. I've always wondered why my husband goes through friends and it doesn't bother him. Meaning friends that he seems to be close too and then some thing goes wrong and he never talks to them again. (It never bothers him...and he will never talk about them again.) He has two kids and I could swear on everything he could careless about both of them. I'm the step-mom and they LOVE me and have a good relationship with me...but they want no part of their Dad. If they call he cuts them off and tells them he has no time.

When his kids ended up in the hospital a couple times from a serious accident...I told him and he didn't even want to go to the hospital. He knew I was going and just went about his business. All he seems to care about is HIMSELF. Everything revolves around him...and always has!

But the one thing that has always perked my curiosity is since I know for SURE he IS anti-social and he never is bothered by family members dying, his kids seriously injuried...long time friends never wanting to talk to him again...but yet he will sit and watch movies daily. He LOVES TV...and the ONLY time during the 30 yrs I've seen a tear roll down his cheek is during certain movies. WHY IS THAT since they say they have NO FEELINGS????

Even when I was dx with a very aggressive cancer he showed NO emotions. Didn't comfort me or anything. When I told him it was confirmed I had an aggressive stage III cancer he just said in a regular voice..."Oh...I'm sorry honey" and kept on walking. Went to watch tv like I'd just told him I'd watered the front lawn. So why the TEARS on sad movies...I just don't get it. Help me to understand this! (Note: I found papers years ago when he was forced to see a phychiatrist due to verbal and physical abuse with his FIRST wife.) He went thru lots of mental evaluations and was offically dx as anti-social personality disorder, grandiosis behavior, Narcissistic, and some other stuff. Found this yrs into our relationship...he never admitted any of it till I brought it up. Then of course said the phychiatrist was wrong and didn't know what he was talking about.

Re: Sociopath...only cries watching

Hmm where you have a conscience we have something I like to call the void or if you have seen the movie "Never ending story" you could think of it as the nothing. The nothing is an emptiness inside us that usually contains our pains and suffering. It compells us to take action. If we don't obey it we become restless and unsatisfied. The nothing only requires one thing.. stimulation.

This is where a lot of sociopaths go bad. Stimulation for us is more difficult than it is for you. Usually we have to do something of risk to get that alive feeling. So dangerous driving, offroading or something to that effect. However, you can gain stimulation from toting with others but it leads to further negativities.

So maybe when your husband watches these sad movies it reminds him of his pain from the void inside him. Also think of yourself as his possesion. The more value you can obtain in his eyes the more he will pay attention to you. Not sure about the kids. I'm real close to my daughter but then again I raised her and she is like me. Hmm.. well my mother is a sociopath and she loves me more than my brother because we are the same. So I would say those kids are not like him and therefore they are like their mother instead. I'm sure he cares about them on some level but they aren't a part of him. Maybe he isn't associating them as an extension of himself.

Same with my brother. He is like his father while I am like our mother. (different fathers). So my mother and I have that strong connection and he just doesn't have that with her. She still loves him and does things for him but he just doesn't have that closeness. Your husbands lack of concern with the kids is still odd. Then again I never bothered going to the hospital when my brother was born and I care about him.

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