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Too nice?

My 60 year old wife of 36 years, who is normally fairly cold and generally passive aggressive, is suddenly interested in sex and "getting closer." (I have problems with impotency & Viagra is no help). While it sounds great in theory, I am wondering why she is being so nice to me all of the sudden. It has been years since she seemed to care what I think or how I feel. Generally, the only attention she pays to me is to tell me what I'm doing wrong.

My question is - what could the motivation for a passive aggressive person to suddenly become caring and attentive? Could this be a change in personality, or could there be a motive for her behavior? I hate to be suspicious; but after all these years, it is so out of character, I find myself wondering what she wants.

We are both in good health. Our children are grown. We have few common interests, but do talk, go on bike rides, go to the movies she likes and generally get along - until she goes PA on me.

Re: Too nice?

Well....we all deserve a chance to change, don't you think? How about letting her try and enjoying it while it's happening?

Re: Too nice?

Im just curious why on earth you do not tell her the change you notice ( non judgementally) and that you wonder where the change comes from. She has been your wife for all these years, might be interesting to have a good, deep conversation, no?